Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poor Bubba

Well Rani is doing much better. She is so much more active and talkative...well making noises anyway. Even doing her first drawing for Uncle Stevie last night...lol

Unfortunately her blood clotting is 'stuffed'. Part of this disease is itchy skin and Rani loves to scratch at her face until it bleeds - this is because usually this is the only part of the skin showing. Well she has scratched on her nose and it has bled all day. It just wouldn't scab and the poor girl looked like she had been in a boxing match. One of the Nurse started to call her Rocky...lol...
We are still waiting to hear back if there is any medication that can help her clot, as it is a concern to everyone. To add to her Rocky name...lol..the bandaged her hands up to see if that would stop her scratching and she looked like she was wearing boxing gloves, but she would just rub her hands over the scratch and end up with blood on her gloves. So now there is gauze and a clear plastic cover over the scratch to see if she can't get it off, as she was just pushing the gauze off. My camera was left at the Hospital so I will have to upload 'rocky' tomorrow night.

The other concern is her dramatic weight gain...it i so funny we waited so long for her to gain weight and now she is putting it on to quickly. She went from 9.2kg yesterday to 9.4kg today. They think alot of it is fluid but it is to much to put on in one day.

But her cold seems to be clearing and she is breathing much better and the Transplant Co-ordinator told me today that they would be happy to transplant her if a liver came up now, as they were concerned that she would have suffered if they had have had one come in last week. As she will be immunosuppressed the flu would have taken over her body and she would have nothing to fight it with.


Lynne said...

. . . then I hope that this much needed gift of a liver does come up this week.

Great to hear that she's fighting really well.



Paul Millar said...

Hopefully a liver comes up soon and she will have a real 'fighting' chance. :) (that was a pun pointed at her new nickname Rocky, if you couldn't guess)

Dang it, Lynne beat me to the punch - sorry, the bad jokes are flying thick and fast now :D

Take care and lots of love...

Paul, Kimberly and Alisa

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show what a true fighter Princess Rocky is! :-)
I am thrilled that she is being more active. Look forward to seeing some photos tomorrow Mel.

Anonymous said...

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