Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Bit Sad

Well another Club Day has been and gone for awards but Teagan said she had a great day, so that is all that is important.

Again I was sick today, so Mum took Teagan to her Competition and John took Josh into the Hospital. After a quick talk to both Rani and her Nurse, I was saddened later in the day when John rang home. One of Rani's (well everyone's) lovely Nurses was leaving and today. She hadn't let any of us know. So I wished her luck in her new job over the phone, its a shame I didn't get to see her before she left. Sneaky will be very strange going to the Hospital and not seeing her there.

That is 3 Nurses that we really liked that have left so we smell??

Of course it had to be the day after John had taken my camera into the Hospital. So he went and asked another Mother (a mother of a liver transplant child) to borrow hers, which she kindly did) and he got some photos for Rani's Hospital album.

So I was doing some calculations last night and as of tomorrow Rani will have been on the Transplant List for 10 weeks. Also on Wednesday it will be 15 weeks since Rani was admitted back into Hospital. I really hope that a liver comes up soon.


Anonymous said...

I hope so too!
I'm sure John will get some reasonable photos for your album. Sad that you couldn't get to say goodbye to the nurse "properly" because she didn't tell you that she was leaving.
Hope you are feeling better soon Mel!

Bev said...

fingers crossed for that liver I cant believe its been ten weeks she has been on the transplant list already...I guess it feels like an eternity for you. Sorry to hear another of your favourite nurses has left but I am sure her replacement will be just as wonderful

Rachael said...

What a bummer, you must get so attached - the nurses probably become like extended family to you. Still hoping and wishing that Rani's call will come any day now. Patience is a virtue but come on!!! Thinking of you all

Chrissy said...

I really hope and pray that it happens soon too Mel!

Here's hoping you are feeling better super soon too honey so you can see your princess, our whole house has been sick the past week, it's a bad time of year for it hey.

Give all your munchkins a cuddle from me!
Love as always,
Chrissy xx

Lynne said...

Now I'm curious about which 3 nurses have left. I guess they might be ones I don't know.

Hope you're all going along OK today. Both Shane and I are developing compulsive checking behaviour, looking for the latest Rani update.



Lara said...

praying for you and your family. Lots of hugs & hope that a liver becomes avaliable soon!