Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Baby Steps

Well another roller coaster of a day today.

When we got in this morning her blood pressure was down and they had to turn her oxygen back up.

But they thought that some of it may have been caused by low platlette count and as soon as they gave her platlettes her blood pressure picked up.

Then when the Docs came in for their rounds they were happy with some test results and put her oxygen down from 50% to 40% and also turned the occilation (speed of the vibration in the ventilator) down.

They also drop her adreniline down and told us (as we also noticed) that her kidney function was somewhat better.

John and I left fairly early today, so we could set up our bedroom and also pick the kids up from school as we hadn't seen them since Saturday as they had been staying with friends. Plus they also had their school play tonight, so we went and saw them in it and it was great to spend some time with them.

So Mum, Dad, John's Parents, my brother and sister went to the Hospital at different time tonight.

So she has continued to make some more baby steps from when we left.

They have now completely turned her adreniline off.
They dropped the occilation rate of the ventilator down again.
They turned the Octreotide off (the Meds that is used to prevent her from having a bleed)
Also last night they let the balloon down as they don't think she will have another bleed...well hope anyway
She also had lots of different blood products today.

So we still need quite a lot of things to improve just to get her close to a liver transplant and we certainly are not out of the woods...but we like to believe that this is a good sign...any sign is good at the moment. So we are praying hard that it continues and Rani proves to everyone what a fighter she truly is.

I have probably spelt all the medication wrong...but I am sure you know what I am trying to

Thanks for all the wonderful comments here, via email and SMS...they are truly appreciated and obviously Rani is starting to listen :)


Jenny said...


I jumped the gun before and posted under the entry "Baby"....

It is SO good to know she is improving but not so good to know she is not up to a transplant even if a new liver became available.

Fantastic you were able to spend some time with Teagan and Josh. I hope you are all managing some sleep through all of this. I pop in a few times a day to see if there is any news............

This Princess of yours..............I really don't think that anyone will boss her around when she gets older !!

Look out world, here comes Rani !!! :)

Huge hugs to you all.....



Jenelle said...


Glad to hear that she is slowly improving. Even though its only baby steps, its just means she a step closer to the transplant. Hopefully she will be out of the woods before you know it.

Glad you got to spend some time with your kids, and I can only imagine how they are feeling with not being able to see Rani all the times.

I keep on popping in here a few times, just to get the updates on "Little Miss Rani"

God bless to you and your family

Jenelle & boys

Moreena said...

I also stopped by when the post simply read "Baby" and I swear it stopped my heart with its crypticness. I'm so glad to come back here and see that there's been some improvement. Even if it is tiny. I am sending all energy for strength and hope to Rani.

Debbie Y said...

Mel I am so pleased to hear that Rani is making steps on the road to recovery. Even though they're baby steps they are headed in the right direction, which is absoluately fabulous.
Praying the baby steps get bigger and the transplant gets closer!

Rachael said...

so glad to hear there has been improvement Mel. Judging by the time of your post, you aren't getting much rest - please try to remember to take care of yourself also. We are thinking of you every waking moment. Rani is a fighter!

Treezah said...

Mel, wonderful news I hope everything keeps going forward for Rani, she certainly is a fighter and definately here for a reason!(IYKWIM) Looks like somebody up there in heaven is listening to everyone's prayer's and is looking out for her too!!..

parkyslot said...

Well Mel, I am glad I popped in here before today, to read your update. Small baby steps is good and a little more positive.
Glad you kids got some time with you too. That would have been very special for you all.

Princess Rani is a little fighter and has such a great spirit. Good on her. Again my thoughts, prayers and wishes and hugs all the way from WA.
Take care of yourself too.
Love and Hugs
Parky - Lynn xxxooxxx

lisa :) said...

I was cringing as I was opening your blog this morning. I am so glad I did though, our princess is such a tough cookie! What a fighter she is. I am so pleased to hear it... Good girl Rani! Love Aunty Lis xx

Bev said...

I am so pleased she is making progress, could have something to do with the power of prayer as I know everyone is praying for a miracle for your little girl who just will not stop fighting...good on you Rani !

Lynne said...

Wonderful to read all of this positive news!! Rani, you are just amazing, and those brainy doctors are doing what they do best. Warmest regards from a very relieved Lynne

Kirsten De Forest said...

I checked you Blog SOOO ,many times yesterday for an update, and as I check now I am so glad to hear that things seem to be going in the right direction.

Continued prayers are sent for you all.
Love and hugs,
Kirst & family

Chris Millar said...

Wonderful to hear of the baby steps Mel! Big steps happening soon I'm sure!!! Lots of positive vibes being sent from our family to yours!

Sal :-) said...

Oh Mel, so happy to read this morning that she is taking steps in the right direction. You go Little Rani, we're all praying and cheering you on to make that transplant and grow to be a beautiful young lady.

Big hugs to you, john, the kids & of course special kisses for Rani :)

The Arthur Family said...

So glad to hear that she is doing better. My church & family & friends are all praying for little Rani.
big hugs to you all..


Susan C said...

Baby steps are good considering what she (and you) have been through in the last few days.

My prayers and thoughts remain with you and our princess.

Leonie said...

O Mel I'm so glad to hear that Princess Rani is taking baby steps in the right direction. I read your blog constantly, but hardly ever leave a message.
Just please know that you, your family, and most of all rani, are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.
Sending much love and cyber hugs in your direction.
Love Leonie and Kloe

Raechel said...

Mel, I have been thinking of you, John baby Rani and your two other beautiful children... hang in there sweetie you are in my thoughts and prayers and I pray with all my heart that your little princess keeps getting stronger.

Love and Big Hugs and Kisses for you all,

Raechel Gribbin xoxo

susan j said...

Yay Rani!!!!! You go girl!! This made me so happy to read!

lusi said...

Hi Mel,
Just popping in to let you know I am praying for your little princess rani.
(hugs) to you all,
Lusi x

Laura said...

Hi Mel & John
It was so good to finally meet your little princess on Saturday night, she is absolutely beautiful.
I have everything crossed & pray everyday that Rani keeps getting stronger.
My love & thoughts are with you all...


Debbie B said...

Mel, so glad to hear R
little Rani is making progress. She is such an amazing little girl. so glad too, to hear that you and John were able to go to Teagan and Josh's concert.
We are all thinking of you constantly,and wishing and hoping for more good news...
(((hugs))) to you all,
Debbie (& family)

Bettie Bookish said...

I found your site through Moreena, and have been checking it ever since. I want you to know that you have another family in the U.S. sending you thoughts and prayers for strength and healing.

Linda said...

Just found your blog via Mish's blog. Just wanted to pop in and say, I am sending all my wishes to Rani. Thinking of you all.

Robyn said...

Small steps are good and I hope and prayer they become bigger and bigger.
Still thinking of you all.
Robyn and Co.

Anonymous said...

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