Sunday, November 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Well it was my birthday on Friday and I was a bit sad. As I walked upstairs to make the kiddies their lunch expecting to hear "Happy Birthday" instead they had both forgot. I guess my over emotional pregnant body got to me and it had me in tears - Mum came out and said "Happy Birthday" which stimulated the kiddies memory and I got big hugs and kisses.

Mum gave me some money and also a fantastic red sqaure plate and candles that will look stunning on our new dining table. When John came home he got the kids to give me an anklet that I had picked out. Also he had delivered 12 long stem roses (6 white and 6 red) as he got the earful for not reminding the the biggest suprise, he handed me a ring box and he had sneakily got my engagement ring it was to thin and low against my wedding band and was bending...again I was in

Then we went out to see the block as John hadn't seen it as he was away all week and had some KFC for dinner and cake with Mum and Dad.

It is so nice to finally have things happening on the land and by Wednesday we will have the slab and then the following Monday they are putting up the frame and if all goes to plan the house should be bricked up before they go on their Chrsitmas break. So if all this happens we should be in the house early March, giving me enough time to get settled before bub arrives.

Last night we had a kiddie free night and went and stayed at the Crowne Plaza. Walked around the city and popped into the Mind Body and Spirit Festival. Later we had a lovely dinner at the Casino and then an Ice Cream for dessert and looked around at the shops and the Christmas decorations in the Casino before heading back to the room.

Then this morning on the way home we stopped off at Ikea for me to drool over all the furniture I want for my scrapping room and the rest off the house before coming home to an empty house.

So although my birthday started off a little sad it ended great. :)

Monday, November 19, 2007


Our house is finally being started today...WOOHOO!!!!

Here are some photos...mainly for John as he is away on business and missing it all :(

Got to love Melbourne weather...boiling the last 2 days and pouring rain all day

Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Lets see I have done heaps since my last

I am trying to get everything organised for Christmas early, as I really am not looking forward to fighting with other shoppers with my

So lets see,

we have booked our accomodation for QLD (just have to book accom for the way home)
I have bought all the Chrissy presents for my nieces and nephews
booked a night away for my birthday
bought my birthday present
put a pram on lay-by for bubba
almost got the kiddies organised for Christmas and birthday presents
and the list goes

Also it was great having the lovely long weekend for Cup Day, the kiddies had Monday off school, so it was a lovely relaxing time. It was also fantastic to catch up with my 2 best friends as well.

The kiddies had their twilight sports on Friday and the weather was beautiful for it. I will have to upload some photos later.

Oh yeah and somewhere inbetween all that John started another new job!

On the house front, hopefully it will start next week. On Wednesday the team for our house will be organising everything, so fingers crossed Monday they will start cutting the block. We just want it finished and to move...i really am not looking forward to moving while 8 months + pregnant, thankfully most of our stuff is still in boxes and stored away...but there is still the unpacking day!

and inbetween that I have found some time to scrap are some LO's that I did for Bons CC last week.

Friday, November 02, 2007

20 week Ultrasound

I had my 20 week ultrasound today and am happy to report that everything is "normal". So happy doesn't even cover it...didn't get tired of hearing the word normal as the lady who was doing the ultrasound checked everything out.

I of course asked the strange question - can you see the gall bladder? and kind of explained why and she found it for us. One more little bit of relief for us, as one of the signs of BA is no gall breathing a little easier now.

Well our little bub was certainly being a little wiggle worm and very unco-operative for the poor lady trying to check everything.

Once she had checked everything then she did some 3D pics. They are absolutely amazing. I have some of them at the end of the post. I had never seen them before - I am still amazed when I look at the pics.

And before you ask...NO we didn't find out what it I said unco-operative and even if we wanted to he/she wasn't

OK first a pic of my belly at 19 weeks.

Now a profile of bub

My little thumb sucker

Playing peek - a -

and a almost full body shot...