Tuesday, August 22, 2006

3 more days!!!!

Well it is on the countdown..only 3 more days until Rani is 1!!! Thank you Rach, TD and Connie for the birthday presents you have sent down for Rani. I will take picture of her on Friday opening her presents from you all. :)

Well today wasn't a great day for Princess Rani. She was pretty miserable and she had every right to be today. Her belly was bloated up to a huge 59cm and it was so hard, it must be so uncomfortable for her. Plus she put on 250 grams in one day...which is just ridiculous...ballooning her up to a massive 10.5kg. They finally today took some calories out of her TPN...something that has been in discussion for over 2 weeks, so hopefully this will help. And after a discussion with her Specialist this afternoon it was decided that she needed an Albumin Transfusion with Lasix to try and take some of the bloating out of her stomach. Then to top of my day as I was getting ready to leave as my sister does Tuesday nights Rani started acting like she was going to vomit. I rolled her over on her side and was holding her arms when I notice blood coming from the corner of her eye...just like a tear drop. I buzzed for the Nurse and my sister grabbed one while I stayed with Rani. It was only a small amount but still scary to see blod coming from her eye. A Doctor was paged and he did a couple of test to check her vision and it seems fine...so yet another thing to keep an eye on.

I am hoping that the Transfusion does the trick and we have a happy girl tomorrow.

Oh yeah before I forget. When I got to the Hospital this afternoon this is how I found Rani. Mum had tied her hair up...it is the first time it has been tied up.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments that you leave on my blog...they are truly appreciated. :)


parkyslot said...

Hope the transfusion goes well Mel.
Thinking of Princess Rani and your family.
Hugs and wishes
Parky xxxooxx

Jenelle said...

Hope the transfusion does the trick. Look how cute it is with her hair up in a pony tail! So cute too. Am thinking of you all the time Mel, hang in there.


Rachael said...

she is as cute as always!!!! hope that the trans. works, bubba needs a break from all the drama ! Yay, 3 days!!!!!

Chrissy said...

Only 3 days to go!! She looks so grown up with that little pony tail Mel, how adorable, I can't believe it's been almost a year since she arrived!!

Hugs and thinking of you both today, I hope the transfusion makes our poor little darling a bit more comfortable.

Love Chrissy xx

Tassie Deb said...

Mel, a pressie for Rani is the least I can do - I just wish there was more. Fingers crossed that the transfusion has done the trick and Princess is much more herself today.

Hugs to all
TD xoxoxo

Beck said...

she looks so adorable with that little piggy-tail :)