Monday, August 28, 2006

Quick Update

I sit here typing this from the RCH Resource Centre.

What a roller coaster ride we have been on for the last couple of days.
Since my last message we were woken at 5am Sunday morning to a phone call informing us that they were putting Rani on a higher level ventilator. 2 hours later we got another phone call to say that her kidneys had failed and that they needed our permission for a surgeon to put her on dialysis. We were straight up showered and into the Hospital.

It wasn't a very good day Sunday...lots of tears and not very positive as Rani was so sick they didn't think she would make it through the afternoon. BUT (without boring you with the horrific details) our little fighter at about 8pm started to turn around a bit, after being given 2-3% chance of survival for the first time all day there were smiles and John and I actually felt We had my mum, dad, brother and sister with us for support all day and Johns parents are arriving tonight from Brisbane.

Plus of course the support of everyone with their SMS's, phone call, messages etc.

Today was another stressful day with what we thought was little steps but positive being quashed by her specialist and he arranged a meeting with the Transplant Surgeon, Transplant Co-ordinator and ICU Docs to work out what do with Rani - whether or not it was worthwhile continuing with all the meds. Thankfully they have decided she is worth it and that the little improvements are improvements and they are going to reassess her on a 12 hourly basis.

So in no way are we out of the woods, and Rani is still seriously, seriously ill...but making baby steps towards getting better.

So please keep your prayers, thoughts, fingers, toes crossed because we are sure it is all helping.

I hope this makes sense...i am emotionally and physically exhausted.


Jenelle said...


Just reading this is giving me tears, and also tears of happiness to see that Rani is improving. Even if its only a little bit, its better then a step backwards.

Hang in there Mel, I am thinking of you all the times, just wondering how things are going.

HOpefully something will happen soon.

I've said my prayers to you and your family.

You are both not far from my thoughts.

Jenelle & boys

Jenny said...


SO SO HAPPY for you all that Rani is taking tiny steps in the long road to getting better. I know she is still so sick but she is heading in the right direction. :)

I popped a link to your blog on a UK Scrapping site I frequent, and the girls (we are in teams !!) have all asked me to pass on their best wishes and many many prayers for the Little Princess.

Constantly in my thoughts,

Much love and gentle cuddles,


Treezah said...

Thinking of you all tonight Mel, hugs for you all...

wendie said...

Oh Mel just know we are praying so very hard for your little princess. I wish there was something I could do that would help. I am really glad she has shown some signs of improving not matter how slight an improvement is an improvement. Please take care.

Wendie and family.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel and family, what a little fighter that beautiful daughter of yours is. I'm thinking of you all constantly and sending positive vibes and thoughts your way. Many, many hugs and kisses!

parkyslot said...

OMG what a rollercoaster indeed, you are very supported by all your friends family and colleagues I am sure.

If the smallest thing is to log in here and tell you we are all praying hoping and wishing and sending hugs and kisses I am sure thats the least we can do.

Again wishes keep your chin up, small baby steps are still steps.
She is a Princess and a real fighter.
All the best Mel John and family
Parky - Lynn xxooxx

Lynne said...

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people thinking of you all tonight. We all here have Rani's beautiful face in mind. We are cheering her on with all our might.

I am so glad that the docs decided to go for it. OF COURSE she is worth it - I'm sure they always knew that, but only had doubts about her little body. She is worth every effort. What a wonderful little girl she is.

Not forgetting you for one second, even while I sleep.

Go, little Rani, go!

Alisha73 said...

I bet you are all mentalty exhausted atm..I have been at the website every chance I have had today as I didnt want to SMS an take any precious time away from such a wonderful and sweet little battler that Rani is. I have been thinking about you, john and Rani all day and everyone at work is sending their best wishes aswell.

Go Rani Go!!! You have such a precious spirit that has kept you going for so long...let it help you find your way out of the woods and back into mum and dads arms safe and sound.

Mel, John Teagan, Josh and all your family; there is not a single waking or sleeping moments I am not thinking about you all, you are all a true inspiration and it is that, that Rani sees ..Keep you spirits high for her, you are helping her more than you think being there just loving her.

All our love
ALisha and Trev

Kirsten De Forest said...

I can't believe that you have managed to post a message. You and your family are an inspiration to me!

Please know that you are always in our thoughts, and that we too are praying for that ever-elusive miracle.

I'm sure that she'll fight hard. We are all willing her on.

All of our love to you, John, Josh and Tegan...and especially Rani.

Kirst, Cal and Ardyn

Chrissy said...

Oh Mel honey firstly *thankyou* so much for your sweet call today, hearing your voice I just wanted to reach down the phone lines and hug you to pieces and knowing you took time from your precious family, well I truly appreciate it more than i can say.

Our little darling is a fighter isn't she, she's got such strength, when I get teary I think about how strong she is and it makes me pray even harder.

Love as always to you and your family hon! Thinking and praying for you all every moment!
Chrissy xx

susan j said...

I have tears in my eyes while posting this, but I pray with all of my soul that your little girl wins her battle and gets that much needed liver. I pray for not only Rani but for you, your husband and your other 2 children as I know this must be taking a toll on all of you. I pray for strength for you all!

Bev said...

what a fighter your little girl is, so happy to hear there has been an improvement however small. Constantly in my thoughts, I hope the following days bring more happy news

Sal :-) said...

Mel, thinking of you and praying for you. You have such a precious little girl that isn't giving up and I'm so glad to read that the doctors aren't either.

I pray for her health and continued fighting spirit & strength for you guys to deal with this all.

The fact that you always find something positve in so much adversity right now truly amazes and inspires me.

Hugs for all of you.

Sal xx

Debbie B said...

What a little fighter Rani is. Thinking of you constantly and sending hugs to you all.
We've all got our fingers and toes crossed for Rani. I'm sure with that and all the prayers, wishes and love from everyone she will continue to improve.
Take care, Mel
Debbie and family

Peta..xx said...

i just wanted to let you know im thinking of you also...
lots of hugs, wishes & hope that little Miss Rani is doing much better...

hugs to you Mel and a huge thankyou for keeping us up to date on how everthing is going..

take care & thinking of you & your family..xx

Elly said...

Lots and lots of love and thoughts for Rani and all of you - I hope the little steps continue xxx Elly (Arthur's mum, UK)

Debbie Y said...

Mel I cannot tell you how much I am inspired by your strength, you are simply awesome, and you are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
I am keeping everything crossed that your darling little Princess Rani keeps fighting just as hard as she has in recent times until that new liver arrives.
Sending hugs your way,

Nat-Mardon said...

Mel, you don't know me, but Hi. I get so emotional reading your posts about your little girl. She is such a little fighter, and so are you and your family. You are really an inspiration, and your daughter will see that and remember that in the future. I pray for strength, peace and healing for that gorgeous little girl.


Anonymous said...

hi mel and family, you are in our thoughts all day, every day.
sending all the wishes and thoughts you need.
love from all of us

Rachael said...

Oh Mel, I am so pleased to hear that you guys are hanging in there. I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through. We are thinking of you constantly. Rani is destined for great things - she is a true fighter. Thank you so much for updating us on here and through Chrissy today. Sending all our love from our house to yours.

Michelle M said...


You have all been in my thoughts constantly. OMG what strength your princess has. May she continue her fight and continue to make improvements no matter how small, on this long road to her recovery.
You are all in my heart, prayers and thoughts.

Stacy said...

Praying for your little girl...I hope that she gets her gift soon. These kids can and do bounce back.


Tassie Deb said...

Mel, I have everything crossed that Princess Rani continues on her baby steps of improvement, and even manages to make some giant leaps.

You and your family are a constant inspiration to me and I admire your strength

You know how we feel
Hugs to all
TD xoxox

Robyn said...

Praying hard and sending positive thoughts Rani's way.
Sending big hugs to you.
Wish we could do more.
All our love,
Robyn, simon and kids

t is for trackles said...

My heart is full with love and best wishes for Princess Rani, you Mel, and your family. I think of you all often, especially Rani, and hope she gets what she needs soon to get her on the right track.

Big hugs, Tracey C. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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