Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back to School!!!!

Peace and quiet today...the house is so quiet

Josh and Teagan quite happily headed off to school this morning excited to be seeing their friends again.

Josh is in Grade 5 this year and Teagan is in Grade 4. I can't believe that next year will be Josh's last year of Primary School...the time is going way to fast!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

An Update

Well it has been a while since I have blogged!!!

Lets see from my last post we have been to Sally and Kevin's Engagement Party, it was a great night of catching up with friends and their families. It was a shame about the weather as it rained off and on, so was majorly muggy...but everyone had a great time, especially the kids who were loving jumping in puddles and in the mud...I know my 2 came home

Then we have just got back from a little trip away. Our first little holiday in a year. It was kind of bittersweet as this time last year was our last holiday and we took Rani on her one and only holiday. It was nice to spend time - just the 4 of us and have John awake during the day!... We headed up to Ballarat for a couple of day and just had a nice relaxing trip, kicking back in the heated and enclosed swimming pool at the Motel - thank goodness it was enclosed as it was cold! We were in walking distance to Soveriegn Hill so we spent a day there and ate and don't think I need to eat for a month. But all in all it was lovely to spend time as a family having lots of laughs.

Well the monsters are back at school on Wednesday - so today they had their hair cut and got new school shoes and tomorrow Nana is taking them to the movies while I get to label all their books. They are both excited about going back to School and seeing their friends - and just quietly I am happy for them to

Friday, January 19, 2007

silly things :)

Ok check this out...

Chinese Lunar Calender

This started with a conversation with a girlfriend who knew she was having a girl but joked that she used the chart to make sure she got a girl after having 2 boys...of course she later told me that she found it after she was pregnant but looked up all her dates and they matched her we checked out mine and all 3 of mine matched...

just for fun check it out and let me know if yours match as well.....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slow Week!!!

This week has dragged on so long that it is only Wednesday night and I feel like it should be Friday.

Perhaps it is the hot weather and that I am like a sloth on the couch and not moving...or the almost 20 hours I seem to be awake during the day no matter how much I try to sleep...but this has been the slowest week.

At least the next couple of day I will be moving so they may to go out tomorrow and buy an engagement present for Sal and Kevs Engagement Party on Saturday night..if I was smart I would have done it while I had a kiddie free afternoon on Tuesday when Mum took Josh and Teagan to see Happy Feet...oh well.

On Friday Josh and Teagan are going for a play and stay at friends that have got back from overseas...they have 2 children about the same ages of Josh and Teagan - one of them is in Josh's class and their help was amazing while Rani was in Hospital taking the kids at a seconds notice and keeping them for days, it was a great relief to know the kids were safe and happy - they love having sleep overs there...although Teagan was a bit scared the first time after Rani passed away as she was scared that something bad was going to happen...but once we guaranteed her it was a fun sleep over she was happy...

Then next weekend we are off to Ballarat for 2 nights of fun and relaxation as a family...i am really looking forward to will be so nice just to get away for a couple of days...then before you know it the kids will be back at school again.

Also have started the dreaded "d' well not really a diet, more just trying to get fitter as I still weigh the same as I did when I had Rani. So I have been walking for at least 20 minutes a day on my treadmill...but learnt a valuable body was craving chocolate so I gave in and had a chocolate bar then about 20 minutes later went on a power walk on the treadmill and felt so sick all i won't be giving into urges..or if i do I will make it up

I am so JEALOUS reading blogs of everyone that is off to Kiwi wish I was going as well...hopefully the next one...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Stupid Computers

I think my computer is getting ready to go bye byes (as the lids is making horrible noises, being really slow and not letting me comment on peoples blogs....and I am missing emails but I am guessing that is probably our if I haven't replied to an email I may not have got it!

So yesterday I spent most of the day saving my photos and treasure things from this computer on to an external hard drive....I feel so much better having done it now and I am going to hope on Johns computer and burn everything onto DVD as well just to be on the safe side...I have nightmares about losing pics...especially of my precious Rani...i am even to scared to delete them of the memory card in my cameras. So I guess I will have to start looking for a new puter soon...they just don't last long enough is only 5 years old...

Well yesterday Mum went and picked up our family photos we had done at Christmas time...I am happy with most of them except for the all in photo as it is a very dark background and with us having dark hair we just kind of blend into the background...but once it is framed I am sure we won't notice it....this is my favourite photo.

and this is cute as well :)

Well nothing else exciting to share....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I actually....

slept next to my husband last got called in early to work and so he was home at 11.30pm...rather than getting ready to walk out the door. It was funny to start with as usually I lay right on the edge of my side of the bed...but with the last couple of months having the bed all to myself I have been spreading right across the bed and last night I had to to make matters worse it was the worst night sleep I have had in John was way over tired as soon as his head hit the pillow he was snoring and I went out and watched TV until 3am when I finally started to feel tired again and thankfully he stopped snoring long enough for me to fall asleep...but then he got up at 7am and I slept soundly all by myself in our big bed until I was woken up for I guess when he stops working nights it will take alot of adjusting to get used to having 2 people in bed

OK thought I would share...not really that exciting but John and I thought it was

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thank You

everyone for your comments on my last was great to vent it out and I actually feel somewhat better today...perhaps it is because we booked our weekend away and in a couple of weeks we will have 3 days of just family time..I can't wait.

Well I even scrapped today...not majorly happy with the final know how it is when you picture it in your head and then when it goes onto the paper it doesn't work...but hey i will play with embellishments tomorrow...i am just happy I scrapped.

Thank you again my friends for your invaluable support :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I need sleep!!!!

Just for you Sal, an it is not a happy one.

I feel myself slipping further and further into some kind of a depression. I hardly talk, sleep, do anything really...although get me with friends and I have a good is getting there. With John working 7 days a week and night shifts...I am pretty much alone day and night as he sleeps days and we cross each others paths as I am attempting to go to bed and sleep and he is leaving for work. I just want my baby girl home with me...perhaps i am truly grieving now...although the anger and resentment over a system that doesn't work is still well and truly there....perhaps it is because I sat down and wrote a letter about my frustration of the donor rules, regulations explaining my disappointment in the system...I mean it seriously has to many others families have to go through what we have before it changes...we all live in Australia so in my opinion if a child/adult is to sick to go home they should automatically be placed Australia Wide for donation...not just the state you live in. I get so angry when I see the amount of livers that were transplanted in the months that Rani was waiting and that is just in blood boils when you see the total for australia...I am sure one of them would have been perfect for Rani but not with the stupid out of date rules....well I guess my anger hasn't gone!!!

Well what else...

my sister is back in London..her trip was way to short but she may be coming home in September for a Wedding....

i guess I am also stressed by the fact that we are looking into the whole buying another house thing...initially we were going to build again...but we would have to go out to Berwick (although it would have been fun to go through it with you Connie :) )...and no offence to Berwick I just don't want to live there....I love the school the kids are at (and I don't want to uproot them, I think they had a stressful enough year last year, without a huge move this year), my friends are here and it adds way to much travel time onto Johns to me it is going backwards as when we sold our last house it was in the suburb before instead we are now looking at buying a smaller house and just getting on our feet and then either building or buying a bigger house in a couple of years...the biggest problem is the price of land in this area is so expensive as it is so rare!!! just waiting to find out exactly what we can borrow and the searching will seriously start....

also I really want to scrap...but when i hop on the puter to get photos...or go through my existing pile I see pics of Rani and just get upset...i still can not scrap her and my mood doesn't make scrapping i am just not doing it

add that to other stresses in my life and I guess even I can understand why I am sinking...

so I am trying to see some positives...

We are looking forward to Sal and Kevs engagement party next weekend and then over the Australia Day Weekend we are going away so it will be nice to spend some time as a family as we haven't done it in a long time...

Well if you got this far you are a legend and I hope my ramblings made sense and I have a feeling my brain was going quicker than my fingers....

but finally I just want to say that I have certainly found out who my true friends are over this roller coaster last year and it has been suprising...i have the few that have been true for years and years and then others that I thought were close friends disappear out of my life and others that I thought I wasn't that close to become some of my closest thank you all for you support and valuable know who you are :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So its the New Year

and I am not saying anything for this i think I cursed myself by saying 2006 was going to be my year, everything was going to go my way....well...that certainly didn't pan out the way I had nothing is being said this year...i don't need another 2006.

We had a lovely New Years we spent it at my friends new house and I got to spend New Years with 2 of my best friends from High school. It was so relaxing we sat out the back and had a few drinks not to many as I had to drive home) a bbq dinner and I didn't see josh and teagan until it was time to go home. it was fantastic, there were other kiddies there around there age and although they had never met before they all got along so well together and played all night. But naughty me took my camera and didn't take one photo.

I am a bit sad as my sisters trip is almost over...we had a BBQ dinner tonight as she wanted one before she went back home and then tomorrow night she is on the plane and heading back to cold London.

We also had some family photos taken on Saturday as part of Mum and Dads Christmas Present...we thought we would take advantage of having Danielle has also been 23 years since we have had any professional photos taken of the 6 of us. Plus we also got some of my now Mum has heaps of pics of us.

We ended up getting as our freebie one of Mums 4 kids of Mum and Dad... one of the 6 of us...and one with 4 individual photos on the same sheet of each of my siblings...and one of Nana and Grandpa with Josh and Teagan and one with all 9 of us together then for me we got one of John and I, one of Josh and Teagan, one of the 4 of I will have a more up to date family photo.

We have decided to try and keep it more up to date perhaps getting more shots when the rest of my sisters and brother get married and start having their own little ones.

I went out to Lilydale again today to say Hello to my girl and clear all the dead roses from her plaque. It is still not real and I don't feel that she is there when I go out there...even though I know it is where her ashes lay. I do believe that she is in my heart and not out i will go to Lilydale every now and then but if I want to talk to her I will just do i know that she can hear me from where ever I am as she is with me always.

Well not much else happening..John didn't get any time off over and is working 7 days a week at the it is making it hard with the we are trying to plan a weekend trip away just so the kids can say they went somewhere over the