Saturday, October 28, 2006

Need to take Notice of

Thankfully today I thought I would double check the flyer for the Fete at the Primary School I went to. I am glad that I did as I thought it was Sunday and it was today and having promised the kids that we would go - I would have had to upset kiddies tomorrow.

So we quickly had some lunch and headed down to the Fete. I guess I thought it would be bigger as the School was also celebrating being open for 30 years...but the truth be told it was a bit disappointing...even for a small school. I did get to take John and the kiddies for a tour of the school and the scary thing is that in the 20 year (no it can't be that since I finish Primary School it is still exactly the same - not a lot has changed at all. But other than doing a quick tour of the school, going to the Library and seeing some old class pictures and Josh and Teagan laughing at what me, my sisters and brother looked like years ago there wasn't really a lot to do. There were a couple of rides but more for younger kids so after about 20 minutes the kids were bored and so were we, so we headed off to another School Fete around the corner from home.

This one at least had some more things to look at. The kids each went on a ride - Teagan had her hair sprayed at the first fete and Josh had his face painted at the second fete. They each got a lucky dip, played on the playground and then we headed home. On the way out I got to catch up with my best friends parents so that was nice.

PLUS it was so cold it was a great excuse to head back home. We have been getting a little bit of that much needed rain...but talk about a freezing wind - of course it is meant to fine up on Monday when the kids are back at school. Why is it always horrible on the weekends when we want to do things and beautiful when the kids are at school?

Well daylight savings kicks in tonight - so we are robbed an hour of sleep - but looking forward to the lighter nights, maybe I can start walking again and feel safe as it was so dark at 6pm I didn't like going out.

Well enough rambling I should be in bed - got an exciting day of shoe shopping - not for me for the monsters so not looking forward to that one...didn't I say that I wanted to scrap this weekend!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Out and About

Well today I dragged John to the Paperific Expo...I was going to go with a girlfriend but she couldn't make it - so hence John he needed to go to the City so it was a win win situation.

Also I finally got to meet the lovely Connie today, caught up with her a Paperific while having an expensive yes we went inside and bought that hanging thing (technical term).

So we have just had Pizza for dinner and I am feeling some Mojo I may actually scrap tonight or hopefully some time this weekend.

WOOHOO I scrapped...well I started this the other day and then didn't like the set up for the photo I wanted originally (can you tel my Mojo went on holidays...) so I added this pic of my sis on her birthday.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Good Day!!!

I went to visit my friend and her 3 week old baby girl today - I got to her house at 9.30am and left at because we had to get our kiddies from was a great day of chatting and baby cuddles.

It was great just to get out of the house...I have been fighting of bouts of depression lately. I am awake until the wee hours of the mornig unable to then sleeping half the day away and not doing anything during the day.

So I decided that it was time for a change. So I have changed my Blog...going to get a haircut next week and make sure that I go out more often...although I did manage to go to the new scrapping shop that is just up the road from that could become

Saturday, October 21, 2006



My baby sister is 25 Today.....


I will do a proper catch up later...Thank you to everyone that has sent emails to me asking how I am...I am feeling much better now...


my HUGE THANK YOU is because of the letter we got from the Royal Childrens Hospital on Friday.

It was a Thank You letter for the Donations that had been made to the Hospital with a list of the people who had donated and amazingly so far there is a total of $1210.00.

This amount will be going up as when Teagan went back to Physical Culture (dancing) after the School Holidays they handed us an envelope with Donations they had collected for the Hospital on behalf of Rani.

It is really touching that so many people out there have donated to help prevent this happening to another family.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Out of the Mouth of Kiddies

I just had to share this story.

The other night John, Teagan and I were heading out to get some dinner (Take way)...Josh was staying at a friends house for the night...anyway....

This is the part of the conversation that we had with Teagan.

She said "the other day at school I was asked what I would do if I had three wishes'.

John and I whispered at the same time - have Rani back.

Teagan continued - 'my first wish would be that Rani was still alive' - we both thought that was lovely.

'my second wish was that we could have thousands of dollars and buy a brand new mansion and new cars'.

By this stage John and I were laughing - telling her we would need hundreds of thousands just to buy a both John and Teagan decided that wish three would be that we won the lotto every

We thought it was so cute that she thought it was only thousands to get a house. The funny thing was when you think about it and the way we explained it to Teagan is that we need 400 piles of $1000 and it doesn't sound that much...LOL

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Little Update

Well it has been a while since I have been stupid puter is playing silly buggars and acting like I don't exist...grrr and my emails have been going everywhere - so if you have emailed me and I haven't replied, perhaps send it again....

Well on Friday I got to meet the lovely Kirst and her beautiful little girl while they were down visiting her in-laws...mind you her in-laws live in the next street from where we a shame I *met* here after she moved to Sydney.

Mot much scrapping going on lately. I have managed to catch some sort of bug that is just making me feel BLAH!...i think it is the weather, one minute it is boiling hot then it is freezing and my poor body doesn't know what to do.

Well I will leave you with a pic of my Chipboard Storage, I have been painting 3 of these up to be all the same. To store things like Chipboard (obviously), alphabets and embellishments.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

We Did It!

John and I went down to the Memorial Park today where we had Rani's Service.

We needed to go and see where we wanted to place her ashes. It was horrible driving down there...all the memories flooding back but we did what we needed to.

We walked all around the Park and finally decided that we like the Rose Garden...they do have a Baby Section...but it is just a strip of concrete in the grass and cluttered with toys and stuff on the other plots and the Rose Garden is much nicer.

We have to make an appointment (we later found to work out all of the final details. The lovely lady that we did speak to gave us a pack of information, prices, etc so when we go back we will have everything we want on her plaque and a little more prepared for the day, so that everything is organised fo rthe Service in December when my sister is home.

Plus Miss Rani put on a beautiful day for is 28 degree and just beautiful today...lovely for

Monday, October 09, 2006


After a great Saturday at friends that was meant to be a BBQ lunch and turned into dinner as well...I crawled out of bed on Sunday to find an email that my Fairy LO of Teagan had one the Cyber Scraps September Competition. $100 to spend on scrapping goodies..WOOHOO of course by Sunday night I had placed my't wait to play when I get my goodies.

Not a long post...but had to share...and nothing else really exciting to update with :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well I ended up doing 2 LO's last night.

One rom the show..I love the colours in the photos...the sky is so was the perfect day.

the other for my BOM...just some random stuff about being 32 and YES a photo of

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Doctors and Babies and Engagements

Well my girlfriend had a Baby Girl today...3.6kg...but no name yet. I will let her rest up and call her tomorrow and get more details. Her poor Son will be so upset, he was convinced this baby would be a boy because he has 2 sisters already...but now he has another sister.

Well we all went to the Doctors this afternoon..what a fun trip that was. I only needed a referal. Josh has had a rash for a week and today was the earliest we could get him in and we found out that he has Eczema. And John had to get a referal for a blood test and also had a growth on his arm looked at which is getting cut out next week. Teagan was the only one that didn't need anything from the

Well I popped out today and bought more ink for my printer and have printed out photos...the kids are bathed and in bed and now I think it is time to scrap!

WOW! Just got a phone call from one of my Best Friends to say that she got engaged!!!...CONGRATS!!! I am very excited for you both...but I guess you could tell that when I spoke to

Monday, October 02, 2006

Good and Bad

Well today has been good and bad.

Well it started last night when my sister suprised us with a huge canvas that she had printed of our one and only family photo...she was very sneaky and went through all my photos on my puter one day while we were out.

Then this morning when I checked the PO Box I had a parcel from Memories and More with my goodies from my Gallery Pick win and also a Parcel from Michelle M.

Thank you Michelle the Angel of Rememberance is beautiful. I love these Angels and have a collection of them and now have a special one to add to them. Thank You.

Well just before we went to walk up to get the kids Dad bought down an envelope addressed to John. It was her Death it was a bit sad reading it...but read what we thought...although it is depressing seeing Cause of Death liver failure, pulmonary failure and renal many poor little fighter.

Well the kids had a great first day back at school, although I don't think either of them were impressed that they got homework on the first day they were tired again tonight so another early night.

I spoke to my girlfriend this afternoon...she is going in to have bub no.4 tomorrow (c-section). I am actually looking forward to seeing this new I await the phone call tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Thank you everyone for your comments about my last is truly appreciated.

Well I think 3AW are going to be sick of hearing from John...he was in the car when he heard that again they were talking about organ donation, so he rang up and again talked about Rani and stressed the importance of Organ Donation.

Today is a bit sad as it is exactly 1 month since our little girl lost her fight and no one really slept well last night. Except the kiddies they were exhausted.

We have had a big couple of days. On Friday we went to my cousins for lunch (also with my mum) and the kids ran around and played with my cousins kiddies. Then we went out for dinner with friends and Josh and Teagan spent the night at their house.

Then on Saturday John took the kids to other friends for lunch - I was supposed to go but felt sick - and again Josh and Teagan ran around with their children so by the time they got home they were ready for bed.

Today is a kick back day as they are back to school tomorrow..YIPEE!!!..back to routine

Oh yeah when I did get out of bed I had a lovely email to say that my 'Dad' Lo had won the monthly competition at Bons Scraps - It is uploaded in the Gallery Section

Here are some LO's that I did last night while I couldnt sleep.