Monday, August 14, 2006


Well what a start to the day. We thought we were in for a sleep in this morning as Josh and Teagan had a curriculum day off school. Well that was not to be!

Mum rang me this morning at 9.30 (i was awake just not out of to tell me that she had walked into find Rani vomiting blood. Something that we have been warned about for months but never thought it would happen. She pressed the Emergency Button on the wall and then the Nurses called a MET call. Another thing that we never wanted to hear for her room.

Poor Mum was left to deal with all the Nurses, Doctors etc, plus of course seeing her Granddaughter vomiting blood. We were on our way - but it takes 30 minutes to get to the Hospital.

When we got tot the Hospital we found Mum sitting in the Foyer of 5W with the Chaplain Keith, so we left the kids with them and went to the room. There were so many Nurses but when they saw John and I they made room so we could get to her bed. She didn't look to bad, although through tears I could see her legs kicking - so I felt a bit better.

Eventually once they had settled things down a bit she was taken to ICU. Thankfully she stopped vomiting blood at 11am and didn't have another episode for the rest of the day. She had wto blood transfusions and lots of other medication to clot her blood, but she remained pretty much stable most of the day.

We took Josh and Teagan into ICU to see Rani once they had cleaned her up and they said there good byes as did Mum and then she took them home with her.

We were happier when she grabbed for a wet face washer, knowing that she was starting to feel better. They are keeping her in ICU for the night...we would have been back up at 5W but an overnighter is staying in her room. So both John and I were happy to come home when my brother came in at 7pm tonight.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has SMS'ed, left emails and comments on my is truly appreciated that you care so much about all of us. So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


parkyslot said...

To you Mel and Rani of course, my thoughts and prayers are with you.Hope the princess is back in normal ward soon. You are so inspirational and you do such lovely work your LO's are very inspirational. Thinking of you all.
Cheers and Hugs Parky xxxx

Chrissy said...

Oh Mel I'm a bit teary here thinking of all you have been through today. If prayers and good wishes are anything to go by I'm not surprised our pretty girl is going back to the normal ward tomorrow, we cyber aunties are a powerful force! :-)

Hug our bubby girl for me tomorrow ok?
Lots of love to you, including your mum, I'm sure it must have been a very difficult and emotional day for you all!
Chrissy xx

Kirsten De Forest said...

Mel, I am so sorry that I didn't call you today! I was helping my parents move out and didnt get your message until late. I'm glad to hear that you guys are so positive about things - that means that we've all got to be right?

But it didn't stop me from having a cry anyway.

Huge hugs to you and your family from me and mine. Cal sends his love and best wishes too. He's really feeling for you guys, and his thoughts are with you.

Love and kisses,
Kirst xx

Michelle M said...

Mel, I am so pleased to log on and read this morning that your princess is fighting hard again... Glad to hear that she will be back on the ward again soon... How awfully frightening for your family... My prayers of strength, courage and good health are with you all!!!! (((((huggles)))))

Lynne said...

An extra vote of support from me for your darling Mum, who must be feeling traumatized after walking in on such a horrific scene. Thank goodness she did, mind you. I was unable to sleep thinking of dear little Rani suffering that ordeal. Our thoughts to all.

Jenny said...

Mel and all the family............

So good to read the the little Princess is doing better. How scary for your Mum (and for you all, too).

By now, if all stayed well overnight, you will be back in your room, resting, little Rani. Hang onto those Dum,s darling.........They'll help you feel better.

Lots of love for you all,