Saturday, June 30, 2007

John's Tattoo

This is John's latest tattoo...i did a LO about it a couple of weeks ago, but you can't see it properly.

This tattoo is very special to him, it is a memorial tattoo to Rani. The top symbol is Rani in Chinese and the bottom one says Wood Rooster - which was the Chinese year that she was born.

I think that it turned out beautiful and really is something that only we understand, so special to all of us.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Been a While...

Life got hectic

Not a lot of excitement has been happening here...lets see...

Well we were meant to settle on the land on Monday - but instead we changed banks for the our broker found us a better deal, so we will settle hopefully next week as the bank has already approved our mortgage...but we have put our plans into Council, so hopefully they will be approved in a couple of weeks and fingers crossed the builders will start a little earlier as they are building 2 other houses in our estate.

John started a new job on Monday...he is loving it and one week in, is already going away...I will have to get used to that has been 2 years since he travelled with it is funny having him home during the day drove me insane...but I miss him a little bit while I am home'm sure I'll get over it....We are also adjusting to sharing the bed worked out it has been 7 months since we had slept next to each other every for Saturday i am also used to his snoring

So much for a drug free month this set myself one condition for the drugs and if that happened I would take what does my body do, makes that one thing happen. ...grrrr. Well at least it is only 5 days and I think my body is adjusting to the drugs, as i had no major side effects this time and I shouldn't have to do it again until after we get back from QLD so I can enjoy our holiday.

Today was the last school day for this term, so the kids are on holidays for 2 weeks. I really hope the weather improves so we can go out. Loving the rain, as we really need it, but it is so cold and horrible and the kids will go stir crazy if they are stuck inside all the time. Mum is taking them to the Movies on Wednesday to see Shrek they are both looking forward to that.

Well it is just under 4 weeks until we leave for QLD and I can't wait. Looking forward to seeing friends that we haven't seen for years and also catching up with family. Everything is now booked and organised, so we are just waiting for the month to tick on

I wll leave you with some scrapping I have done. 2 of the LO's are of John's best friends daughter...she is so cute...they live in QLD and I haven't met her (John has on a business trip) - so it will be great to finally see her face to face.
and my two little my new sprites :)
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Monday, June 18, 2007


Yes I am still to those people that sent me emails to see if all is ok.

I have been having a bit of ME a little depressed and have been failing blood i have taken a break from Meds and other down stuff until after our holiday so I can enjoy is coming up so quickly.

So we are now organised for our trip to QLD...have all the passes to the Theme Parks, have booked our accomodation and I think I have managed to find the cheapest deal with Car Hire so will probably book that this week and we are ready to go.

Mum and Dad just spent a week in Port Douglas...I am sure they loved the time away from us all and of course have come back to Melbournes freezing mornings and our lovely 11 degree

Not a lot else has been happening with us. Josh has had 2 lots of talks for school and we have all learned things about people we never knew Teagan is doing swimming this term, 9 straight days of swimming, she is liking it but she seems to be coughing lots at night...I plait her hair but swimming and winter just don't mix.

Other than that I have been scrapping just for me DT stuff, no challenges just pages for the fun of it and I really I will leave you with my latest pages.

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OK so this one was for the 123 monthly challenge
and this one was for Bon's Monthly is John's latest tattoo in memory of Rani

Friday, June 08, 2007


Thought I would share some pages that I have done recently.

Firstly my DT for this month as the newsletter is out...I am going to add more - but I don't think I was ready to scrap Rani took me ages to finish it :(

Here are some of the pages I have done for the Book of? Challenge at Bon's Scrap and other Challenges

Hope you all have a lovely long weekend :) and thanks for visiting

Friday, June 01, 2007

Good and Bad

So I have had an up and down week since my last post. So I am just going to ramble stuff in no order!

Bit miserable today I hate the 1st of the month as it is the monthly anniversary of Rani's passing - so today is 9 months and still not easier in the least bit.

On Sunday we took Josh and Teagan out to see Rani as neither of them have been there since December - it was very sad for them both - Josh really doesn't like being there at all and we don't push them - it was there idea to go and we took them...

Also getting excited as we settle on the land at the end of the month and then hopefully things will start happening on our block - none of us can wait to see the house being started...

Also busy redeeming points from credit card/ fly buys for tickets into Theme Parks when we come up to QLD next it is just accommodation and car hire and everything is organised..but I guess they are the 2 biggest things that haven't been

On Wednesday night I had a girls night out and went to a Girlfriends house for a yummy roast and catch up with other girlfriends - it was a great night, lots of laughs and yummy food - thanks girls :)

I am still in shock that it is June already - this year has just flown before you know it, it will be Christmas...this year need to slow down just a

Well not a lot else has been happening...been freezing down here lately..but the rain has been great as we really need it but the ducted heating is working overtime to try and keep us all warm, hopefully Dad will put the fire on soon and lucky us it is downstairs where we are so we should be toasty warm...

Well thanks for reading my ramblings :)