Saturday, August 12, 2006


not a lot to say today...Rani is still in the Hospital and still classed as 'stable' and of course still waiting for a STILL happy so that is a bonus.

So here are some boring statistics I was thinking of last night.

On Monday Rani will have been on the Transplant list for 12 weeks.
On Wednesday Rani will have been in the Hospital (this stay) for 17 weeks
In 13 days Rani turns 1
In 14 days we move...argh!!!
In the 4 months Rani has been in Hospital she has gained 4.32kg
In the 4 months Rani has been in Hospital her stomach girth has ranged between 47cm to 56.5cm

So I thought I would share some LO's that I have done lately. I have really enjoyed scrapping this week :)



Tassie Deb said...

Mel, these lo's are all gorgeous. I particularly love the 2 dummies one :)

All the very best wishes
TD xoxox

Chrissy said...

So happy she's still smiling for you Mel, stable is good, praying that the liver she so badly needs comes soon!

Look at her with those dummies LOL these LOs are so precious sweetie!

Glad our little Thinking Of You albumn arrived, I hope it made you smile, even just for a little while, there are so many of us hoping and praying for your family love!!

Hugs as always!
Chrissy xx

wendie said...

Mel so glad to hear your little princess is still happy. Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous. I think about you, Rani and your whole family everyday;take care.....Wendie

Rachael said...

OOOO great stats!!! OMG moving has come so fast.
Love and cuddles

Robyn said...

Wow all of that! I am loving your work..fantastic layouts. The one with John and the kids is terrific.

Debbie Y said...

These are lovely Lo's Mel, it's great that you have found some me time, I am sure you need it!

I just heard from Chrissy that Princess Rani is back in ICU today. I wish I could do something more but the boys and I are all praying that the new liver Rani so badly needs arrives for her soon.

Please give her a cuddle for me, Debbie Y.

Michelle M said...

Mel, (((((hugs)))))) My prayers are with Rani and you all during this slight hurdle on the route to her complete recovery... Thinking of you all....

t is for trackles said...

Sent you email Mel, but just wanted to add here that I'm thinking of Rani and sending all my best vibes and cyber-cuddles.
Love all your LOs too, sweetie!

Rachael said...

I heard that you guys are back in ICU - hugest of hugs for you!!!! Take some comfort knowing that we are all thinking of you and hoping for the very best.

nbeltane said...

mel, rani and family. thinking of you all and hope that rani improves soon. hugs always nicole

Jenny said...


I only want to add my very best wishes for a good outcome from this ICU stay.

I truly hope a liver arrives soon. Maybe, with our combined wishing, hoping and prying efforts, it will happen sooner rather than later.

Sending you all much love,


Treezah said...

I've just read Chrissy's email, telling us that Rani is in ICU again. Mel, my heart goes out to you all, I am praying that a liver comes soon and that the little princess is soon out of ICU and back into her own ward.
(((BIG HUGZZ)) love Tess

Robyn said...

Thinking of you and Rani and praying for some really good news soon.

Bev said...

Mel I have everything crossed for you that a liver becomes available very soon. Thinking of you all and you are definately in my prayers....hugs to you Princess Rani! btw that 2 dummy layout is sensational

Anonymous said...

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