Friday, August 25, 2006

Final Birthday Update :)

Well today was good and bad.

Rani wasn't particularly happy...moments of semi happiness but all the poor girl wanted to do was sleep and people came in all

Here is Rani in her special Birthday T-shirt that Nana and Grandpa bought her.


She spiked a tempreture of 38.3 at lunch time and then it came down again. Then later on in the night it spiked back up to 38.3 and they are fearing that she may have an infection in her Central Line which would not be good. So they have ordered bloods to culture and to be safe are giving her a course of antibiotics.

Well after having a little party and cake with the Nurse. My sister Rebecca turned up first, then Mum and Dad with Josh and Teagan, then my Brother Steven and later on Panfilo and his family.

OK the presents we gave was really hard to find suitable presents and both the presents that Mum and I bought her weren't really for the Hospital so she can have them when she is home so we each bought her something for her to open in Hospital.

From John and I

From Josh and Teagan (can you see a Dora theme...although we think she has the colourings of a liver

From Mum and Dad

From my sister Nelle (who sent them from London.)
Paddington Bear and 2 T-shirts from Baby Gap

From my brother Steven
A piano and also a mobile phone.

and from my sister Rebecca
a Pig book


a special Bear that sings happy birthday :)

Hope this all makes sense...I may update more tomorrow when I am more awake.

Thanks again everyone for you emails, blog comments and SMS birthday wishes for Rani :)


Debbie Y said...

Your beautiful little princess is going to need a whole room just for her goodies. I am still praying she soon gets that one gift she is still waiting for.

parkyslot said...

Sounds like the Princess was a Princess to receive all those lovely gifts.....

Well, Mel I hope she gets the ultimate gift soon.
Special thoughts and hugs and prayers.
Cheers Parky xxooxxx

Chris Millar said...

Looks like Rani was showered with love all day!!! How wonderful! I hope my card made it on time!
Kisses for Rani!

Robyn said...

I bet you can't wait for her to really enjoy her presents. fantastic looking things too!
Glad you were surrounded by friends and family.

Chrissy said...

LOL you can hardly see our little darlin' for all the sweet pressies!!

Kisses from a safe distance being sent her way!
Love Chrissy xx

susan j said...

My heart goes out to you, your family and Rani. It must be so hard on you going through this!! I am not religous but I pray she will be ok and get the liver she needs. This sounds REALLY stupid, but can only part of a liver be donated? The liver regenerates doesn't it? I don't really know what I'm talking about here so shoot me down in flames if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

oh mel please forgive me, i sat at home and bawled this afternoon cause cameron went on camp to canberra, then i checked out your blog, i feel so selfish.

give rani a huge kiss and hug from all us up here. i hope that what you wish for comes true a million times over and you too can cry when she goes on camp.

Anonymous said...

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