Thursday, July 09, 2009

Photos by Katie

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Katie Toland come to our house and do some photos. I must say it was so much more relaxed in the house - no rush with a certain times in the studio and when we didn't need the other kiddies and John they were able to go and do their own things - amazingly even with Katie there Kai had an afternoon nap.

I just love the photos that she took and there are even more. It is going to be hard to pick our favourites. Thanks Katie for coming out.

So here are some of the shots, our sneak peaks. :)

Love my cheeky girls big smile :)

I think one of my favourite shots of Lainey

and this it :)

Look at my big boy - so handsome - but growing up way to fast

my beautiful girl - so photogenic - but also growing up way to quickly

love the cheeky look on Kai's face - so him - I am amazed Katie managed to get any decent shots of him - as per usual he didn't want to stand still