Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update Time!!!!

Where has the time gone.... I can't believe tomorrow will be October, this year has disappeared so quickly, slow down!!!

* Fathers Day - John had a lovely Fathers Day and got spoilt, even with a lovely sleep in, well all of us had a sleep in...lol. Then we had Mum, Dad, my sister and her boyfriend and my brother over for a BBQ lunch, it was really a nice day.

* The following weekend we had Karen, Ellie and Maureen come and visit from QLD...it was great to catch up again as we hadn't seen them since last Christmas. Also Karen and I got to compare bellies as she is due just after me...lol

* Then it was John's Birthday a couple of days later, we just had a cake that night - as John and I were going out for a kiddie free weekend while the kiddies stayed at Mum and Dad's. We went into the City, did a bit of shopping at DFO and then went and had a beautiful dinner at the Casino.

* Then before you know it the kiddies are on School Holidays again...so we have had a pretty quiet time (they go back on Monday) but they have been to the Show, Mum took them to the Movies, had some friends over for a BBQ...we are all enjoying the sleep ins...even Kai who ususally gives us at minimum 12 hours - so he sleeps in until around 9.30-10am

* John also got a big suprise on Thursday, with a phone call from his best friend Dave (married to Karen who came down earlier..lol) well he drives a truck and was in Melbourne and came and stayed with us the night...lots of drinking and laughs that night, it was like they had seen each other just last week not months ago!

* and Congrats to John's sister who is also having a 'suprise' bub in April...lol

* and in between that I have done a little scrapping.

This one is for Stuck?!

and this one was just because...

I think that is everything...I will try to stay more up to date :P

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well what a roller coaster of emotions we have been on in the last couple of weeks...dealing with Rani's birthday and then Anniversary and filled with emotions of suprise, shock, guilt and finally delight.

What am I talking about you may well ask...

Well to your suprise and ours (believe me) let me introduce the latest addition to our family...lol

Yes this little unplanned suprise makes baby no. 5

After the initial shock John and I are now quite excited over this new and definately last addition to our family. I have had an overwhelming feeling of guilt since I found out I was pregnant. I guess finding out close to Rani's birthday and anniversary and then seeing her knowing again that I am pregnant for the second time in as many years makes me feel bad. Kai was certainly not bought into the world as a replacement for Rani and neither is this one, I just feel bad that she isn't here to enjoy our expanding family.

As some of you already know I have PCOS - which was discovered after it took 5 years to get Rani...so when we made the decision to go for baby no.4 I needed help, monitoring, months of disappointment of not being pregnant, etc.... so to fall in naturally and so quickly after Kai was certainly a suprise ...as my body is not meant to work...lol.

So this little one is due March 7...yes there will only be 11 months between Kai and this one - but there is 15 months between Josh and Teagan and I didn't find that hard so I am hoping this will be easy as well.

So I guess one advantage Kai will have a little playmate amd hopefully they will be as close as Josh and Teagan are.

Monday, September 01, 2008

2 Years

Today it has been 2 years since we had to say good bye to our beautiful baby girl and 2 years of complete heart break...we miss Rani every day. Thank you my baby girl for holding on as long as you did and for being so strong and always so happy - you touched everyones lives that met or knew about you.

Today is another day that is sad but also with some happy memories - it is today that again we think about the nurses and staff that helped Rani and made our Hospital stay somewhat enjoyable for the 5+ months that Rani was at RCH...as I have said before they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you all the Nurses that looked after Rani, your care and love helped her fight as long as she did.