Friday, February 27, 2009


Lainey Grace Joi...

We headed into the Hospital at 6.30am to prepare for the C-section and at 8am were ready to go. This C-section was definately different to Kai's...everything side effect that they said could happen I had. My chest was heavy and my nose blocked making it difficult to breathe, I felt sick the whole operations, but everything disappeared when we saw our little girl..and she is little - well to us - the smallest of all 5 of our kiddies.

Recovery was pretty quick and the nice thing was that they bought Lainey to me in recovery this time...with Kai I didn't see him for nearly an hour.

Back to the room and the side effects hit again, throwing up, itchy skin from the morphine (I actually needed drugs to stop the itching) back thankfully after 12 hours or so most of the effects had worn off and I could enjoy some one on one time with my little lady.

I am home now and in a lot more pain than I was last time, hoping all this will disappear soon, but all worth it to have a beautiful healthy little princess.

Here are some piccies...

First cuddle

Kai with his little sister - he looks so big now - he is not really interested in his sister at all!!
Josh - the proud big brother
Teagan wrapped to have another girl in the
and the little princess

Monday, February 23, 2009

Its a GIRL

Introducing Lainey Grace Joi Millar born 23rd February 2009 at 8.15am weighing 3.32 KGs and 48 cm long.

Mum and bub are healthy and happy.

Mel will post lots of photos when she gets home this weekend :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Its Nearly Over!!!

the dramas with our builder (not the pregnancy - well I guess that is nearly over as

As most of you know we have had ongoing dramas with our builders since we moved in back in May last year. We had one last thing that needed fixing and that was our timber floors between the kitchen and meals area as they were buckling.

Of course the builders said it wasn't their fault, the installers said it wasn't their went back and forth (this started in October) and then the Company that installed the floors got bought out, so someone else had to come out, then of course no one works over Christmas...blah, blah, blah...meanwhile our floors are getting worse.

Well on the Australia Day long weekend I woke to find puddles on the floor. I thought the kiddies had spilt a drink but when I went to wipe it up more water came out of the joins of the floor. What we suspected all along - we had a leak somewhere under the floor boards. We checked under the sink but there was no water coming out or on the shelves.

Well of course being a long weekend we had to wait until Tuesday to get in contact with the builders - Wednesday they were out. In the meantime we had finally found the leak...there was a to big hole cut in the bottom shelf of the cupboard under the sink for the dishwasher connection...well the dripping pipe was dripping directly into this hole onto the floor and of course wrecking my kitchen cabinets as well.

I put a container underneath and it worked out to a litre an hour that was dripping the day the Plumber came to fix it.

So if the builders had pulled their fingers out months ago they would have had a small amount to they have to replace most of my kitchen and the whole house worth of timber flooring as it is pretty much all wrecked now.

Really an inconvience I don't need when I am 8 month pregnant, so thankfully we have worked it out for the removalist, flooring guys, cleaners, plasters, painters etc all to come in the week that I am in Hospital having bub (the joys of having a date for the C-section) and only John will have to deal with it as the kiddies will stay with Mum and Dad.

So my kitchen is being replaced on Thursday and then fingers crossed when I come home from the Hospital I will have a perfect house and never have to deal with the builders again!.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Back to School

Well we are pretty much back into School routine again.

Josh and Teagan both started school on the same day. But as Josh was starting High School and Teagan in her final year of Primary School it was kind of impossible to be in 2 places at once as Josh starts 10 minutes before Teagan. Thankfully John was home and able to drop Josh off at School before heading to the Airport and I took Teagan.

Josh had a great first day at High School and I think he has realised that we weren't joking about the big difference between Primary School and High School, but he is loving being at his new school. I still can't believe that my little man is in High School...where did the time go. He is still so little, as you can see Teagan is taller than him...he is one of the shortest in Year 7, which upsets him a little...I'm sure he will do a big growth spurt soon!!!

Teagan is wrapped to be the head of the school and loves her teacher and is just wrapped to be seeing all her friends again.

Well me - I am 36 weeks pregnant and over the whole think the heat is making it really hard. I went and saw the Ob last week and was telling him about the pains in my scar, so I was sent off to the City for a Specialist U/S...of course it had to be the day it was 45 degrees in the well my scar doesn't seem to be holding up as well as would be liked, so my C-section date has been moved forward, so we get to meet this bub sooner. The hard part is I have been told to rest up and not lift to much...tell that to a 10 month old that is in to everything and loves Mummy cuddles...and of course I love my baby boy cuddles I am trying to rest up, make sure I have everything ready for this bub and excitedly await the arrival of our final addition to our family.