Thursday, August 24, 2006


my baby is 1!!!!

Thank you Tess, your present for Princess Rani arrived today.

Well I don't think it is going to be a very 'happy' birthday for Rani, she really is not happy and so restless. She doesn't kick her legs, not awake very often and just rolls from side to side trying to find a position that is comfortable to sleep in. Not many smiles are happening either...perhaps one or two in a I don't think there will be much happiness from Rani at all tomorrow.

While Mum was there this morning her Specialist bought in the Surgeon that will be preforming Rani's operation to see her. As last time he saw her she a tiny 7kgs and as he makes the decision (with others) as to who gets the liver, the Specialist thought that seeing her now would be a better image in his head when it comes time to decide who to give the precious liver to.

His comment was 'She's ready now'...scary!!! but also something that we have known for a while.

Plus the Surgeon also told the Transplant Co-ordinator to up Rani from Category 2 Vic to Category 2 Nationwide (all of Aust and NZ). Which is good but scary as it means that things are faling and quickly.

So I have made some cup cakes for tomorrow, wrapped presents and have one more batch of cup cakes to make.

Also got the other 2 ready for their dress rehersal for their school play tomorrow. Mum and Dad will be picking them up from school and taking them straight to the Hospital to see Rani.

So hopefully I can either have some happy smiles birthday pics or update you all that she got the birthday present that we have been waiting so long for.


parkyslot said...

My thoughts are with you and I hope and pray you get your birthday wishes.....For Princess Rani
Happy birthday and thinking of you and your family Mel you are such an inspiration.

Best wishes
Cheers Parkyxxxxxx

Tassie Deb said...

Happy Birthday Princess Rani - I am hoping and praying that the call you are waiting for comes today.

Hugs to all of you Mel, esp today on Rani's birthday, when you have to *celebrate* with your gorgeous girl in Hospital.

TD xxoxo

Bev said...

Happy birthday little princess!!! Mel with the upgrade to catagory 2 nationwide, hopefully you will get that call you are waitig for very soon, my thoughts are with you all roday

Rachael said...

I will check in tonight but I wanted to wish Rani a wonderful birthday. I hope YOU ALL have a lovely day.... sounds like lots of pressies to open and hopefully lots of pics to see later. Thinking of you all

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Rani..I hope you have a much better day and all the family as well.
Sending big hugs to a big one year old girl with the cutest little topnot ponytail ever.

Debbie Y said...

Hi Mel,

I know it's a double edged sword with Rani being moved up the list, hopefully it will bring what we've all been praying for to Rani very soon. I hope you get some smiles and good news today.

Happy 1st Birthday Princess Rani!

Debbie, Dylan, Ryan, Jesse & Ethan

Jenelle said...

Happy Birthday "Little Miss Rani"

Hopefully things will start to happen now that she's been moved up a catergory. Sad to hear that she's not her happy self.

Hugs and thinking of you all.

Jenelle & the boys

Sal :-) said...

Oh Mel Hope Cat 2 Nationwide means the odds are better for Rani receiving that precious gift :) Hugs to you all.