Monday, February 11, 2008

The Zoo, School and a Hen's Weekend

Well it has been a long time since some people have told

I want to say a huge Thank You to those people that have donated for the RCH Fun Run, it is truly appreciated...THANK YOU. If you are interested in donating, visit the post under this one. :)

OK where to catch up from.

On Australia Day, we decided to go to the Zoo for the kiddies last big activity before they went back to School...and it seemed so did lots of other families, there was a huge line up just to get into the Zoo. We had a fantastic day....saw all the animals, had lunch in the Restaurant and enjoyed seeing how much is has changed in the last almost 2 years since we had been.

Then on Wednesday it was the first day back to School. I think the kids were excited to see their friends, but also missing sleeping am still in shock that my little baby boy will be in High School next year, that this is his final year at his school. He was very excited to get his 2008 Year 6 Jacket with the name of all the kids in Grade 6 at his School.

Last weekend a group of girlfriends went away for Sally's Hen's Weekend.

I got picked up on Friday arvo and we headed down to Rye, to a house that had been rented for the weekend...the house was lovely. There were 9 of us staying at the house...I got one of the bottom bunks (close to the Friday night we had a BBQ dinner and the others had some drinks...Saturday we went to the Portsea Hotel for lunch and ended up staying for about 6 hours...plenty of laughs, so funny presents and plenty of drinks (no Sal I won't put up the, then we headed back to the House for more drinks (well everyone else) games, dancing and more laughs. Sunday morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast, a quick clean up and then it was time to come home back to the kiddies. It was a fantastic much fun, so thanks girls for a fun filled weekend.

Baby front, I will be 34 weeks tomorrow - so still 6 weeks to go, but I am feeling huge...when I tell people that I have 6 weeks to go they look maybe this little one will come early.

Here is a pic of Sal and I at the Portsea Hotel.

House front...well not a lot is happening...I took Mum and Dad out there today and no one was there...we do have walls up and fingers crossed by the end of the week we will have a kitchen and bathrooms, but at this rate I think the bub will be here before the house is finished. The Supervisor has said mid-March so I will wait and see, but personally I think it will be later. :(