Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quick Update

OK I am about to walk out the door to go to the Hospital so for all you serial checkers I thought I would let you now what has happened since last night.

Mum has called me from the Hospital as she did mornng shift...Rani is still in ICU but being moved back to 5W this afternoon.

She has had a couple more blood vomits but is being giving transfusions of plasma, blood and Vitamin K and other things I can't think of atm to help with her clotting and try and stop the bleed. Thankfully again she hasn't had another vomit since 11am.

So that is all i know for the moment...so I will update when I get home tonight when I do shift change with my sister...lol


Rachael said...

Glad to hear that things are looking better for you all.... still thinking of you all

Peta..xx said...

thinking of you Mel and your family & little Rani..
i hope the nasty vomiting stops and she is back to her happy self, up in 5W...
take care..xx

Jenny said...


Hope you found a smiley bub this afternoon.

Continually thinking of you all.

Take care,



parkyslot said...

Thinking of you Mel, I hope Rani is on the improve

Love and hugs to you

llq said...

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