Sunday, July 22, 2007

It is all ours

well and the

We settled on the land on Friday morning, so the LAND is now officially ours and if all goes to plan we have been told that we have been slated in to start building on September 14th...YAY!!!!

Well my little boy arrived home from Camp of Wednesday night, they were meant to arrive back to school at 5pm, but the buses arrived at closer to 6.30. It was pitch black and a mad dash as the parents were told to find your childs bag while the kids stayed on the bus. I had no idea which of the 3 buses Josh was on, so I thought it best to stand in the middle and watch, but that just happened to be the bus he was on.

He said he had a fantastic time at Soverign Hill and was so excited that it snowed while he was there. They all got dressed up in the old fashioned clothes to go to school. They did the mine tour, saw lollies being made, dipped and made a candle, watched a gold pour, did some leather work and heaps more. He even thought of his sister while he was away and bought her back a lollipop and whistle with some of the spending money we gave him. :)

Yesterday the kids had a birthday party at Bowling and then a couple of hours later John and I picked up one of my Best Friends and went back to their house to meet the kiddies again and have some birthday cake. All the kids get along fantastically, so we ended up staying for some pizza for dinner and left their house at 11.30pm...long day for the kids, they were so tired. They did have one bit of excitement as I got pulled over by a booze bus, they had never seen one before...of couse I knew I would be fine, as I don't drink at all if I know that I am the driver, by Josh and Teagan thought it was cool.

So today I washed heaps of clothes and started packing getting ready to leave the Melbourne cold. behind...can't wait.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back to Routine

Well the School Holidays are finished and the kids are back to school and it is time to get back into routine again.

On Saturday I went to Scrap 'n Chat and met some of the lovely ladies from Bon's, it was a great day and so nice to put faces to people I have been chatting with. I didn't do much scrapping, I got 2 pages done...and also was pretty good and didn't spend to much

Then Sunday was spent getting the last few things for Josh to go on Camp. He left Monday morning for Sovereign Hill and will be back Wednesday night. They must all be freezing up there - we knew it was going to be cold but when I listened to the weather this morning it said it had snowed in Ballarat.

So only one more week and we will be a bit warmer in the QLD sun, can't wait for that.

Well this is going to be short and sweet as my fingers are like ice, the wind is freezing here this morning, so I will leave you with a LO that I did at Scrap 'n Chat for the challenge.

Bye :)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

2 Fire Trucks

WOW firstly I can't believe that this is post 200!!!!

OK so the 2 fire trucks...well on Monday night we were getting ready to sit down for our Monday night roast and Mum couldn't work out why the carrots were burnt. When she looked int he oven it was glowing amber, it was on fire behind the fan. Dad grabbed both of the fire extinguishers only to find that they were both not working (he bought a new one home tonightt) and my sister called the Fire Dept. We were really concerned that it was in the roof as the smoke alarm at the front door kept going off, but not the one closest to the kitchen. Well I took Josh and Teagan out the front to wait for the fire truck and I could tell Josh was really quite freaked out by the whole not knowing if it was in the roof I thought it was safer having them outside. Mind you the whole time I am thinking that I should grab my a couple of minutes after calling the Fire Truck the 1st one turned up and they saw that it was all contained in the oven and then another fire truck turned up..they all wanted to stay and have Roast as it was sitting on the bench ready to be served.

So we had 2 fire trucks, 6 firemen in the house, 2 firemen with the trucks and no we felt better knowing that they checked everything out...they went up into the roof and made sure everything was now Mum and Dad have to either see if the oven can be fixed or buy a new one!

So what an interesting start to the school holidays!

Well John was away and missed all the he thought I was pulling his leg when he called and asked how my day had been...but he will be back tomorrow night.

The kids are excited as they are going with Mum to see Shrek 3 tomorrow and taking a friend and then she is coming back here for a play. It is great to see that they get along so well considering they only met in January and have seen each other 3 times since then, but Josh and Teagan are very excited about seeing her tomorrow.

Well I will leave you with some scrapping I have do for some of the Challenges at Bon's.

This one was a real challenge, I struggle with white spaces but the challenge was to scrap in a section 6 x 6 and have strip journalling - but I am happy with the outcome.

This one is for the Book of? Challenge - I am doing an 8 x 8 album of the building process.
I am also doing a mini journal for July..using a quote and a journal entry (mine is kind of like a diary) Charm set the challenge and so far I am loving it...I am sure it will be fun to look back on.

Thanks for dropping by :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hate the 1st

I really dislike the first of the month - as today is 10 months since we lost our precious little angel and I was very emotional last night, well into the wee hours of this morning. I still feel so robbed and should be out looking for presents for her 2nd birthday rather than getting ready to mourn the 1 year anniversary 6 days after her birthday.

I still can't believe that it is July, this year has just disappeared so quickly, it will be Christmas before we know it. Josh and Teagan are very excited as we go away this

What else..oh yeah, my sister and her boyfriend bought a house yesterday...their first home. They have a quick settlement and move in 30 days.

My other sister is coming home for a couple of weeks in August. It will be great to see her again. She is coming for her Best Friends Wedding, which she is a bridesmaid in. It will also be good to have her home for Rani's birthday and Anniversary for even more closure. I am also glad she will be with family as it would be difficult being all the way over in London dealing with the emotions and no one really able to understand.

I really hope the weather clears up a bit for the school holidays or the kids are going to go crazy...also John goes away tomorrow so it will just be me and the kids and Mum and

Also look at the book my Aunt bought me. I had never seen the book but had seen the fairy costume as the name Rani jumped out at me one day while we were shopping. So just a little more proof that my baby is a fairy. There are some beautiful saying in the book, one of my favourites is "when a baby laughs for the first time in the human world it flies to Never Land and turns into a fairy. Also Rani fairy is special as she is a Water Fairy...Rani loved the water! and she sacrificed her wings to save others in the is a great little book, if only the fairy had black hair it would be perfect :)