Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Baby Steps

Well more and more drugs seem to be disappearing from the mountain of pumps she had set up.

Since my last post she has come off another one of her adreniline drugs....(she was on 3) and is only on 0.25ml per hour on the last hopefully that will be off by tonight and the only other major drug is for her blood pressure.

She is of course still on the ventiliator and unfortunately her lungs do not seem to be getting any better but they have turned the oxygen level up but the oscillation has stayed down.

And she is also having Lasix, Albumin, antibiotics, Lipid, Morphine, can't remember the name of the muscle relaxant that is keeping her in a drug indused coma...but I don't count she was having most of these (except the morphine etc) upstairs so we are used to having out of the 17 pumps for drugs she started with now there are only 8 i think.

They were talking last night about putting her back on dialysis but when John rang this morning he said that they are happy with her output so are leaving her for now.

She is also handling the suctioning better to as her stats would drop dramatically every time they did it.

Last night she did have quite a high tempreture 38.8 and they did another blood culture to see if it was caused from an infection, but so far all cultures have come back negative.

As much as this all sounds fantastic we are still no where near out of danger and she is still serioulsly ill and could turn at any time, but she is closer to becoming a little bit more stable to be able to handle a transplant.

So the Docs are still being very precautious but we re just trying to enjoy every baby step she makes.


Jenelle said...


Glad to hear that "Little Miss Rani" is making a slight improvment. Any small steps is better then none. Looks like that she's listening to us all, telling her to be strong and fight it. Before you know it, she'll be strong for the transplant.

Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date on the "BLOG", and hopefully over the next few days she'll take a few more baby steps, to be off all the drugs.

Thinking of you all

Jenelle & boys

Lynne said...

Mel, I know it must be hard even to leave Rani's side to complete these updates, and they're just so appreciated. You must be aware of all the people sweating on news, and it's very generous of you to be including us! I'm thrilled to hear of all the steps made. I know too how worried you will remain, but on balance, it sounds very positive. Stay strong. I'm so impressed with your little darling.

Best regards from our whole household (including our 13 y.o. son who says, every time he comes into the room where the computer is: ANY UPDATES ON RANI?)


MsChris said...

woohoo Mel... Great news. As I said before, Rani is such an amazing little girl, and she keeps on amazing us all. As you can see I finally managed to get logged onto here at last! ;-D

Thankyou for keeping the blog updated, it is very much appreciated by all Rani's adoring fanclub.

Gentle hugs to that Precious Princess.

Chris XXXX

Rachael said...

Mel thank you so much for keeping us all informed. I think I check in here at least 5 times a day with baited breath. Stay strong. Please give Josh and Teagan a special hug from all of us... Rani is a strong little girl - I am hoping that she is going to be able to get that transplant soon so you can start putting some of the struggle behind you.
lots of love from all our family

Chris Millar said...

Yes, Miss Rani certainly does have a lot of wonderful supporters out there who are thinking and praying for her each day. Strength to you and John and love to Teagan and Josh. Each day must feel like a whirl wind at the moment for you guys. I want the days ahead to be all happy ones for you all!
Lots of love and hugs!

Raechel said...

Mel, you are so diligent in keeping us up to date with what is happening with youf little princess RANI, thankyou so much for sharing this amazingly hard time with us... you are all in my thoughts and prayers and pray Rani gets stronger and stronger everday which will be one step closer to her transplant.

Take Care Mel...

Love & Big Hugs to you and your family sweetie...

Raechel Gribbin xoxo

Chrissy said...

Heya sweetie I'm so very much relieved that today our precious bubba girl is still making those baby steps in the right direction, I'm just so thankful for that!!

You know if there's anything I can do atm hon I'm just a phone call away! Much love to you and your 3 munchkins, hugs to all your adorables coming from my bunch here!!

Love as always and saying the biggest prayers!
Chrissy xx

David & Jacki said...

Mel & John,

Rani has an incredible inner strength and so do you. We are very pleased to her that she is making some progress - even if only baby steps at the moment. We will continue to pray for her an you and send all our positive vibes combines with love.

David & Jacki

Tassie Deb said...

Keep taking those baby steps Princess Rani - and in no time you will be fit and healthy enough for that much needed transplant.

More hugs to Teagan and Josh from Samuel and Mitchell

TD xoxox

connie said...

Great to hear Princess Rani is making those baby steps to getting better and stronger... love you all your family and special prayers to Rani...
Keep strong Mel...

Bev said...

those baby steps are all in the right direction, hopefully there will be many more to and hugs to Rani and her precious family

parkyslot said...

Glad to see and read those baby steps are still on the way up thats great news....
One day at a time.
Best wishes Princess Rani.

Love and hugs
Parky - Lynnxxxxx

Shelley said...


It's been awhile since I dropped by to catch up on how little Rain is going. OMG there has been so many things going on. Happy Birthday Rain, sorry I missed it! I'm glad these baby steps are continuing.

Sending lots of love and hugs to you and your family.

Take Care,
Shelley Turner.
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Alisha73 said...

I was happy to hear she is making some positive steps..i think about you guys all the time...I couldnt believe in all that is happening John actually made a little time to ring to see how Trev was going..OMG you guys in such a time still think of others too..Thank you...for the time and the inspiration you send across..If something seems to hard now I say well if Mel can write this blog and look after a family and be with little Rani too, what am I complaining about..I look up to you guys more each day..keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for little Rani (sorry if there are spelling mistakes with the eyes being crossed :-)
Give Rani a kiss from all of us in Bayswater and give John a big hug for the phone call..i heard him and cried i couldnt believe he made the time..thanks again.

Julie said...

thank you mel for keeping us imformed, the kids ask about her all the time. at least she seems to be hearing our thoughts and wishes...

love the hancock co..

Debbie Y said...

Mel I am thrilled to hear that Princess Rani is making more and more improvements, even though they're just baby steps, it's fantastic to hear she is travelling towards being able to get that transplant when it becomes available.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers daily, and all the boys are always asking if there is more any news on Rani.
I hope today brings more good news for you.

Sal :-) said...

Mel, continuing to pray and hope for more of those baby steps in the right direction.

Thinking of you always.

Robyn said...

Great news and I hope today has been even better.
Sending love,
Robyn and Co

Treezah said...

Mel, it's so reassuring to know that Rani is getting a little stronger each day. Babysteps forward are better than no steps at all, and every day she gets a day closer to her transplant.
Thank you for taking the time out to keep everyone informed. Your blog is top of my list and i try to get in every day to see how our little princess is doing..wish i was closer to give you all a big hug

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Anonymous said...

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