Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2 more days!!!!

but whose

I am still in shock that it has been a year since I had Rani, even with all the dramas that have gone on in her short little life, it still doesn't feel like a year.

On this day a year ago I had just found out that I was going to be induced in 2

Well Miss Rani wasn't in much better of a mood today. Thanks to the Lasix she had dropped 120grams, but her belly was still swollen to 59cm, so they finally gave her some Codine so she could get some relief. That is one of the most frustrating parts of liver disease, she can't really have meds like Panadol to relieve pain as it really mucks around with the liver, but fortunately she is occasionally allowed Codine and she makes me laugh so much when she gets it, as she looks high as a

They are going to check her bloods from today and probably give her a blood transfusion tomorrow and more Lasix to try and get her belly down. It has just got to be so uncomfortable for her...the poor girl screams in pain when you change her nappy. So I guess there will be no sitting up and opening presents on Friday.

I am going to bring her rocker into the Hospital on Friday as it is adjustable and she may be able to semi sit up to open her presents. It will be better than lying on her back...i guess anything is better than what she does all day.

Well the Nurse I think have started a bad habit with Miss They take her ever growing amount of dummies (leaving one of course) and put them in the freezer. Rani loves to suck on the frozen dummy, it must feel great in her mouth. As she in Nil via Mouht her mouht gets so dry and she loves to suck on a wet face washer, so I am guessing the cold dummy feels fantastic.

Well I guess not a lot more to add...I am making some cup cakes tomorrow to take in on Friday and we are secretly hoping that she will get the call on Friday night. Or probably because we are arranging things for Friday it will happen Thursday night...not that that would really break our


Chrissy said...

Couldn't think of a better 1st birthday pressie for our girl though hey Mel! :-)

Kisses to Rani and the kids!!
Love Chrissy xx

Jenelle said...

Oh.. I never thought to do something like that with dummies. Good on the nurse for thinking like that. I'm sure its not really a bad habit for Rani, just a pleasure for her.

Enjoy her 1st birthday.. I'll be thinking of you.


parkyslot said...

Thinking of you in the coming days.
Happy Birthday to Rani

Hope you and your family still get the present you are waiting for.

Thoughts and hugs.

Parky xxxxx

Sal :-) said...

Thinking of you always Mel :)

Hope Miss Rani gets the best present anyone could ever give her for that amazing first birthday!!!

Wow 1 in 2 days!!!

Hugs Salxx

Chris Millar said...

That's a great idea with the dummies! Glad Rani's weight has dropped a little.
Fingers crossed for a special b'day present for the princess!

Rachael said...

You don't know how much we are all hoping that that call comes in on Friday - a fantastic birthday gift for our little princess. Try to enjoy the day Mel and celebrate with a joyous heart. And have a cupcake for me :)

Michelle B said...

Happies tof birthdays to Princess Rani and I hope you get that best of all birthday presents - a new liver super soon

Love Michelle B

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