Sunday, August 06, 2006

19 Days

I can't believe that in 19 days my little baby will be 1 year old. It is sad that she will definately be spending it in Hospital and fingers crossed that before it she gets a liver and is feeling alright to open some presents.

Well the kids and I had a pretty productive day of packing. Finally one thing has gone our way and we are having a hard rubbish collection next week so we can throw out a heap of stuff that we were going to have to get a skip that should save us some money. We are pretty much getting rid of everything in Josh's bedroom as he is almost 10 and tells us that his bedroom is to babyish and that he shouldn't be sleeping in a racing car bed So just before we move out of Mum and Dad's we will buy him a new bed and furniture as they will be sleeping in my sisters beds at Mum and Dad's. Although Teagan doesn't miss out, she scored a beautiful wooden tallboy that I bought of my sister when she moved to she is happy as it is already in her room at Mum and Dad'

So we went late to the Hospital this afternoon. John took the kids home at 6.30 and I stayed until Rani settled. Well she fell asleep briefly but I thought I would stay for her 8.00pm meds as she sometimes throws them up we feel more comfortable giving them to her slowly and then being there just in case she does bring them up. Not that the Nurses don't do a fantastic job...but hey we are there anyway. So she woke at 7.45pm and decided it was play time until 9.30pm when she finally decided to fall asleep - so I made my escape.

Rani loves her own reflection, photos etc and I took photos of her latest game. She has a large fish mirror in her cot and instead of facing you to look at you she rolls on her side and watches you through the mirror, every know and then turning to make sure you are really there...she thinks it is the funniest thing Here is a pic.

Again Rani is gaining to much weight to quickly. Jumping from 9.4kg yesterday to 9.6kg today. So she is having extra Lasix to try and get rid of the excess fluid, so will find out tomorrow if it has helped.

Thank you everyone that has left comments here and on their blogs wishing our little Rani the best, it is truly appreciated that there are that many people out there that care so much and have never met our little Princess Rani. :) THANK YOU!!! :)

Lastely a pic of Rani and Teagan, they were having a lovely conversation :)


Lynne said...

The most exquisite aspect of the photo of Teagan with Rani is Rani's tiny hand on Teagan's sleeve.


Anonymous said...

What a real character Princess Rani is! :-)
Hope all goes well with the move Mel!

Chrissy said...

Look at your two sweet girls playing with one another, Rani looks like she just adores her big sister holding on to her like that. Awww, so cute!

I pray it'll be any day now you tell me the transplant is happening, I keep hoping that today is THE day!
Hugs sweetie!
Love Chrissy xx

Treezah said...
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Treezah said...

Those photos are just priceless. i love the dummy in her eye LOL sweet thing she is.
Every day i check here, to see how the Princess is going (and how you are too!!). Your constantly in my thoughts. Hopefully a liver will come soon!
Tess xx

Chris Millar said...

The photo of your two beautiful girls is adorable Mel! Love the other photos too with Rani and her two dummies!! So cute!
HOpe her little nose heals quickly!
Big hugs!

Marilyn said...

What gorgeous photos, LOL at Rani looking in the mirror, must look funny.
Hope the transplant happens very soon Mel.
Good luck with the move.
Thinking of you


Marilyn said...

What gorgeous photos, LOL at Rani looking in the mirror, must look funny.
Hope the transplant happens very soon Mel.
Good luck with the move.
Thinking of you


Marilyn said...

Sorry about my message printing twice, don't know what happened...don't know how to delete it.


Bev said...

lol to Josh's comment about the racing car bed...Eb is 12 and pointed out that she has outgrown, the ducky and teddy bear wallpaper border in her room lol. I love Ranis mirror game, and the photo with Teagn is priceless...I hope you guys dont have to wait too much longer for that liver

Peta..xx said...

Mel, i think Rani is looking in the mirror at herself to see exactly how beautiful she is... :o)
it is also a beautiful photo of both your girls, priceless...

i have everything crossed for you too, hoping the call will come any moment now...

best wishes to you & your beautiful family..xx

Tassie Deb said...

Mel, you know how much we all care for you and your Princess. LOL to Josh's comments - I'm waiting for Samuel to complain too. He is almost 10 and still in his racing car bed :)

Smiles and hugs
TD xoxo

Rachael said...

just checking in - lots of cuddles to you all!!!!!!