Friday, August 25, 2006

Presents from Cyber Aunties and Friends

From Rach
Funny thing is that I nearly bought this Dora Puppet for Rani :)

From Connie

From Tess

From Tassie Deb

From Anna

From Janet and Terry

From her Specialist the snoring bear and from Tess then frog.

From Panfilo and Marissa

Her first Collingwood Scarf and a Collingwood Toy. They came in tonight to see Rani.

Sorry Terrence and photos of your presents are to dark will take another pic tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for all the presents they are really appreciated and will be treasured.

All in all you can see she was one spoilt little girl.

Oops I forgot about the 2 Nurses that also bought Rani seperate presents...a lovely wooden butterfly castinet (sp?) and Jane got her a beautiful pair of shoes. :)

If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry it has been a long day and I am very tired.


Tassie Deb said...

OMG - what a very spoilt Princess. I do hope that Rani had a good day despite the temp spike.

Hugs to all
TD xoxoxo

Debbie Y said...

It's obvious how much rani is loved by everyone, I hope she enjoyed being spoilt.

Robyn said...

Fantastic and she cetainly deserves everything she got.

Chrissy said...

How lovely that she has been so looked after on her special day! Thanks for your sms get well wish Mel, it's been a pretty tough few days here for me but I really wanted to hop on and see how our little one is doing so the bed police (re: Michael) has let me get out for a few minutes. ;-)

Hugs to you both!
Love Chrissy xx

Rachael said...

Mel I had a bit of a panic attack when I saw the Dora things - but to think that I didn't end up doubling up - great!!! Hehe I am beginning to think we knew each other in a past life - always seem on the same wavelength and to have the same taste in toys of all things LOL. So glad to see she had a great day - despite a few little hiccups. Thanks for the SMS - taking time out for the celebrations to say thanks.... lots of love xoxoxo

llq said...

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