Thursday, April 12, 2007

Its Official

We are now in

We had the tender meeting today - which John went to - signed all the paperwork, found out how much all the extras would cost and put down our first official payment on our house...


In a couple of weeks we have to go and pick out all of our colours, flooring, carpet, bricks, ect..which we have pretty much decided on and then we sit and wait!!! until September when they finally start to build.

While John was out paying

The kids and I had a lovely afternoon - I simply went to my best friends to drop Teagan off for a sleep over and come home and 3+ hours later Josh and I came home to our dinner in The kids were having a ball playing different games and Sal and I were having a great chat - we don't usually get to see each other during the week as she is at work - so the time just flew by...but it was really nice.

So just Josh and I tonight...we have eaten some lollies together and about to go and watch Foxtel together...enjoy your night.

Oh yeah and I actually scrapped the other night - the first time in months and I am actually in the

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Well after having yummy Chocolate and also plain Hot Cross Buns for lunch today I sat down and totalled the final amount for the sponsorship and raffle for Steven running the 15.2km Run for the Kids Fun Run and was shocked to see that we had raised $3065.00, add that to the money raised from Scrapbooking 4 Less of $1415.00 and the Royal Childrens Hospital is getting $4480.00. Thank you everyone for your support.

We have been watching the Good Friday Appeal and rang in our total this afternoon and saw our names pop up on screen but haven't heard our donation read out :(

Well I am about to sit down and watch the end of the appeal and rest my full belly as we just finished yummy Fish and Chips for dinner.

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter.

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Run!!!

We had a fabulous day at the Run and Steven did really well completing the 15.2km run in 1hour and 9 minutes.

To see more on the day and some photos visit run4rani.