Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well I went in a saw my bubba today, she is so happy. Bopping about, giggling, playing and just so happy. It is so good to see, as she has been so miserable for weeks.

She had another Albumin transfusion yesterday and the Lasix has managed to get rid of some of the excess fluid in her belly as her weight has come down a little bit.

On a good note her kidneys are getting much better as the days go by, so the problem must have been caused with her UTI.

OK so here as some pics of 'Rocky'. Thankfully today there was no need for the gloves and she hasn't managed to scratch the gauze off.

Sorry for the gross pics...but if you look at the one with the gloves on..there is a little drop of blood on her nose between her eyes...that is the tiny cut and all the blood is coming from that one tiny you can see why they are concerned about her clotting.


Bev said...

so glad to hear Rani was happy and jolly today, makes me feel so good to hear that, it must have been wonderful for you to see Mel!

Lynne said...

Hallelujah that you two are back in contact! Wonderful to hear about your ace little girl's great mood too. Lynne

Rachael said...

thank goodness - any chance of some video? LOL - what size is she now Mel? You sound absolutely thrilled and so you should be. Thinking of you guys xoxoxox

Chrissy said...

Oh Mel I'm so glad to hear she's in happy mode atm, that must just put the biggest of smiles on your own face! Look at her poor little hands all bandaged up like that though, she really does look like a fighter! So glad she's healing enough they can take off the "gloves" today!

Give her a kiss for me?
Love Chrissy xx

Chris Millar said...

How lovely that Rani was happy and bubbly today Mel! I hope that the bandages work and that the bleeding can stop. Thinking of you all every day.

Anonymous said...

What a great read today Mel! This news is a real smile maker!

Marilyn said...

Great news to hear that Rani is a lot happier, it must be so good to see her like that. She certainly is a little fighter.

Thinking of you always.


tania said...

Excellent News Mel , glad Rani is feeling better

Robyn said...

What lovely news and I hope it continues. So glad you are able to be back with your little Princess.

Michelle M said...

Mel, it was great to read such a positive post today... Yes your little princess is such a fighter... And so are her family!

Sal :-) said...

Wow so happy to read that good ole happy Rani is comming back and she is getting healthier everyday. I really hope that the delay in her getting her transplant means she gets it when the rest of her body is ready for that woderful gift. Hugs and prayers.
Sal xx