Sunday, November 16, 2008

Been Scrapping!!!

Firstly for those who have asked an update on Frank.

We took him to the Vet on Saturday for a check up and to get the staples out of his back and he has got some sensation in his back legs, he is still not using them, but a good sign that he has fingers crossed he will walk again. He is staying at our Vet for the week as I am finding it hard to look after him, the kiddies and keep a healthy dog active and not jump all our her brother when he comes out the back. So the Vet can do the physio take him outside etc better than I can, so it will be good for him.

OK so I thought I would share some recent scrapping as it has been a while.

These are for Stuck?! sketches
This is using last months boy kit from Bons

This is using September Wicked Princess Kit

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Our Poor Puppy!!!

Well our little Frank is sick, sick, sick...much worse than we thought possible.

On Melbourne Cup Day he just wasn't himself, mopping about just sitting against the fence, even not taking the opportunity to come inside when offered. He was doing funny things with his mouth so we thought that perhaps he had a bone stuck in his throat, but on Johns inspection he couldn't see or feel anything. Well as the day went on he got more lethargic and not really moving so at about 7pm John decided to take him to the Animal Emergency Centre...he rang first to make an appointment but at that time of night it was worst served first and as we thought there was really nothing major wrong with him he was told he would probably have a 2 hour off Frank and John went - John taking a book to

Well when they got to the vet Frank was quite wobbly on his feet and he was rushed into Emergency - his temp was 40 degrees and he wasn't really using his back left leg at all. They thought it could be poison or a snake bite, but all these test came back negative....all John could do was leave him there the night while they did tests and they would call us in the morning.

Well at 2.45am ( I hate calls at that hour!!!) the Vet called to say that his temp had come down but he was paralysed in both back legs and if it was OK with us they wanted to send him over to the Surgery Dept for a surgery consult and MRI later in the morning.

Wednesday Frank had an MRI of his spine, some dye testing of the spinal cord and lots of other tests. The Surgeon said that there is a Spinal Disease that British Bulldogs can get where fluid compresses against the spinal cord and causes paralysis - but it usually occurs in older dogs he had never seen a case in a 7 month old puppy.

So Thursday night he had an operation to remove the excess fluid from his spine and Friday he stayed the night in the Hospital under observation.

Finally today we were able to pick our little puppy up - sadly he still has no use of his back legs and 'if' the operation has been a success (we only were given a 50/50 chance) it takes 4-6 weeks to see the results. So we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed.

So Georgie was over the moon to have her brother home but the poor thing doesn't understand why he is penned off inside and she is outside and not allowed to play with him. So we have to help him with everything but towel lifting his abdomen and allowing him to walk on his front legs for toilet time ect, give him massages of his back legs and keep him medicated...but he is home.

So here is our poor little Frank penned up in the rumpus room. With the staples in his back which we have to get removed next week.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Unco-operative Bub!!!!

So I went for my 20 week ultrasound a couple of weeks ago with John. We were both so excited to see the bub, we always get such a thrill seeing the bub kicking about in my belly, it makes it all so real.

Well this little one had plans of its was lying right down the bottom of my pelvis on its belly and wasn't moving at all, no matter how much the lady pushed on my stomach to try and get it to co-operate. So not the clearest ultrasound that we have had...but after a trip to the toilet bub did move onto its back (briefly) and we were able to check the heart, see the gall bladder (silly things - but peace of mind for us as Rani didn't have one) so the liver looked ok and then bub moved back to the original position.

We were wrapped with the lady doing the ultrasound as she spent over an hour with us trying to get all the measurements and check everything, so we were very happy to leave knowing that we are having a healthy bub.

Before you ask...NO we didn't find out what it is - even if we wanted to I don't think this little one was going to give away his/her you will just have to wait like the rest of

Here are the best of the ultrasound pics.

Not going to share the 4d shots as they are just plain

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update Time!!!!

Where has the time gone.... I can't believe tomorrow will be October, this year has disappeared so quickly, slow down!!!

* Fathers Day - John had a lovely Fathers Day and got spoilt, even with a lovely sleep in, well all of us had a sleep Then we had Mum, Dad, my sister and her boyfriend and my brother over for a BBQ lunch, it was really a nice day.

* The following weekend we had Karen, Ellie and Maureen come and visit from was great to catch up again as we hadn't seen them since last Christmas. Also Karen and I got to compare bellies as she is due just after

* Then it was John's Birthday a couple of days later, we just had a cake that night - as John and I were going out for a kiddie free weekend while the kiddies stayed at Mum and Dad's. We went into the City, did a bit of shopping at DFO and then went and had a beautiful dinner at the Casino.

* Then before you know it the kiddies are on School Holidays we have had a pretty quiet time (they go back on Monday) but they have been to the Show, Mum took them to the Movies, had some friends over for a BBQ...we are all enjoying the sleep ins...even Kai who ususally gives us at minimum 12 hours - so he sleeps in until around 9.30-10am

* John also got a big suprise on Thursday, with a phone call from his best friend Dave (married to Karen who came down well he drives a truck and was in Melbourne and came and stayed with us the night...lots of drinking and laughs that night, it was like they had seen each other just last week not months ago!

* and Congrats to John's sister who is also having a 'suprise' bub in

* and in between that I have done a little scrapping.

This one is for Stuck?!

and this one was just because...

I think that is everything...I will try to stay more up to date :P

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well what a roller coaster of emotions we have been on in the last couple of weeks...dealing with Rani's birthday and then Anniversary and filled with emotions of suprise, shock, guilt and finally delight.

What am I talking about you may well ask...

Well to your suprise and ours (believe me) let me introduce the latest addition to our

Yes this little unplanned suprise makes baby no. 5

After the initial shock John and I are now quite excited over this new and definately last addition to our family. I have had an overwhelming feeling of guilt since I found out I was pregnant. I guess finding out close to Rani's birthday and anniversary and then seeing her knowing again that I am pregnant for the second time in as many years makes me feel bad. Kai was certainly not bought into the world as a replacement for Rani and neither is this one, I just feel bad that she isn't here to enjoy our expanding family.

As some of you already know I have PCOS - which was discovered after it took 5 years to get when we made the decision to go for baby no.4 I needed help, monitoring, months of disappointment of not being pregnant, etc.... so to fall in naturally and so quickly after Kai was certainly a suprise my body is not meant to

So this little one is due March 7...yes there will only be 11 months between Kai and this one - but there is 15 months between Josh and Teagan and I didn't find that hard so I am hoping this will be easy as well.

So I guess one advantage Kai will have a little playmate amd hopefully they will be as close as Josh and Teagan are.

Monday, September 01, 2008

2 Years

Today it has been 2 years since we had to say good bye to our beautiful baby girl and 2 years of complete heart break...we miss Rani every day. Thank you my baby girl for holding on as long as you did and for being so strong and always so happy - you touched everyones lives that met or knew about you.

Today is another day that is sad but also with some happy memories - it is today that again we think about the nurses and staff that helped Rani and made our Hospital stay somewhat enjoyable for the 5+ months that Rani was at I have said before they will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you all the Nurses that looked after Rani, your care and love helped her fight as long as she did.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday

my beautiful Buddha Baby.

Today Rani turns 3 and I am full of emotions.

I have been out to see her this morning, so wishing instead I was seeing delight in her face as she opens her birthday presents.

I am so grateful that she held on for her first birthday but her birthday also brings tears. Remembering how miserable she was, so bloated and uncomfortable, spiking temps and just not enjoying the day and then of course the following day she was in ICU..... but also happy memories of all the nurses and staff and friends and family that came in to see her on her birthday...the signed frame that the Nurses gave Rani takes pride of place in my lounge with a picture of all of you on her special day - i still can't thank enough the Nurses on 5W for their support while Rani was in Hospital.

but it also means that in one week it will be her 2nd anniversary and that sucks!

So birthday kisses up to heaven my baby girl...mwah XXXX

Friday, August 01, 2008

Alright, alright an

Well there is not really a lot to update.

I decided that I was spending way to much time on the computer so decided to step away. I haven't been on any forums, etc for months and have been enjoying my time catching up with friends and family and spending time with my growing way to fast little one Kai.

Can you believe that he is already 4 months old - it has just flown - way to quickly for my liking. So I had his 4 month check up a couple of weeks ago and he is a hefty 7.7kg - I love it when people tell me he is a big is such a complete contrast to Rani, she was only 5.5kg at 8 months old. So I am loving watching my healthy and happy boy and trying to enjoy every stage of his development as we missed so much with Rani being sick. He is a bit miserable at the moment as he is teething but doing what Josh did, the tooth pushes and pushes and gives him grief for a couple of days and then it goes back down again...but I think sometime soon it will push through so we are going through a lot of bonjella at the moment.

I have photos of him on my camera, but I am charging the battery so will upload later.

Josh and Teagan are also doing well, enjoying had 3 way conference this week for the parent teacher interviews, it was a bit different...basically the kiddies sat with their teacher and went through different work in their portfolios and had to tell me what they need to work on etc. and then they left and we got to talk one on one with the teacher. It was interesting and I guess it helped Josh and Teagan to see what they need work on. Both of them struggle in Maths - so we are looking at getting them a tutor to help with that - but we were pleased with their reports as they have both improved from last year. They have been doing lots of practising for the school production of High School Musical that is at the end of the month - it is mainly the Grade 6's - Josh is a bit disappointed that he didn't get a talking part but he will be on stage lots so we will be able to see him. As it is a Grade 6 production the other years just come on and do a song and leave so this year it will be great to see josh pretty much the whole time rather that for 5 minutes each.

What else...I got to catch up with my cousin and her little man - so cute and so little and light compared to my big he was only 2 months old.

John went and got another tattoo...another one for Rani this time a portrait - I must admit that when he first got it done I didn't like it as I felt it didn't look like her - just little things were wrong - but as it has settled I am liking it more.

So I can't believe that it is August already - I really hate August now and September even more. How can it be in one month the 2 nd Anniversary of Rani's passing. Plus my little Angel will be turning 3 in August - how I wish she was here everyday. So I guess I will be quiet again. Whoever said 'the pain heals with time" is a liar - I feel the same pain I did 2 years ago and just hate the anniversary as it make you replay those last weeks - again asking those 'what if' questions that I have asked a million time and will never get an answer to.

Also sending the biggest hugs to Connie...

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Finished (almost)

Well yesterday was a huge day for our front and backyard (well the last week) but yesterday was the day we got plants...YAY!!!

The landscaping is almost done, there are a few little things that need to be done, but by the end of the week everything will be finished front and back yard.

So here is the front yard with plants. We are going to have seed in the front path area.

and the biggest change the backyard....the fences are finished, we have turf, garden beds, plants and our pergola...just have to paint the pergola and it is done.

and this is our water feature - a buddha for our little girl. :)

of course the puppies are loving having a big backyard to play in which isn't mud anymore.

just had to share...when I came in from taking the photos, Teagan had Kai and this is how I found him. He wouldn't even take his eyes of the computer screen to look at

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Boy! and some scrapping

Well I am finding it hard to believe that Kai is already 12 weeks old, it has gone so fast and he is growing up way to quickly for my liking :(

My poor little man is teething and they are really giving him grief. He has never been a sickie kid, but he is throwing up lots of his milk and that to the drooling and I am having to change clothes often. He is not being to whingy about the teeth thankfully the bonjella seems to be giving him some relief and his dummy. He is still sleeping all night, just waking up for his dummy at about 5.30am and then going straight back to sleep.

So here are some piccies...

My cutie

a rare pic with me in it

laughing at the ceiling duct

with Grandad (on their recent visit)

with Grandma

also now that I have finally got my scrap room (almost) sorted I have been scrapping...YAY!!!

Here is a challenge for Scrapbook Dreamer - Manufacturer Challenge - everything on the page had to be by one manufacturer - I went Cosmo Cricket

A sketch challenge for The Scrapbook Establishment

and another sketch challenge for 123 Scrapbook

and finally just one for me

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Evolving Frontyard

Well the front yard is coming along, slowly...of course as much as we need the rain I would like it to go away so our landscaper can finish our driveway and start on the would love to get grass out the back instead of mud, especially with 2 puppies!

But it is exciting seeing the front yard come together.

I think the last photos I shared we were ready for the concrete to be poured for the driveway

Well now the link block retaining wall has been finished and all the pavers are almost in - very hard to try and lay pavers on mortar when it is pouring rain and even more difficult to cut them in the is meant to be fine most of this week, so hopefully we will have a lot done this coming week.

So some pics!

The concrete laid for the driveway and retaining wall.

Kev the

The retaining wall and letterbox

The start of the pavers on the driveway

What else...

my little man is growing to fast for me, being my last bub I want him to stay a little bub is already starting to teeth and he is only 12 weeks old (my earliest teether) that is making him miserable add to that his immunisation and he wasn't happy the last couple of day...I will do another post with pics of him.

The bigger kiddies, well they are off to camp tomorrow - a whole week away - so no school run again until I have to pick them up on Friday - it will be so peaceful and lonely here without them.

The puppies - well they are little mischief makers, but also so much fun, they are slowly learning the rules of the house and I will be happy when the backyard is finished and they can spend more time outside.

Well we have John's parents down this weekend - not the nicest weather to do anything but I think they are just enjoying spending time with the grankiddies.

House - well I think that everything that was faulty has almost been fixed, just some more touch up work to be done...although we are gathering another list for the 3 month now that things are getting done I am beginning to enjoy the house a bit more...and we have only a handful of boxes to unpack so the house is definately feeling more homie, well I have the best pressure to finish unpacking as I am having a Tupperware party next weekend and it is being held in the family room where all the boxes were so I needed to finish the boxes for the new couches to be now I have an empty family room with new couches and no stress before the Tupperware

i have finally found a desk for my scrapping room and have been filling all my shelves with my has been like Christmas finding things that I forgot I had. Also the scrapping bug has finally hit (now that I have a place to scrap) and I will share my LO's in my next post.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

My New Babies

Look at how cute they are

My little boy Frank

and his sister our little girl Georgie

they are my beautiful British Bulldogs that I have always wanted.

For a little while John and I have been discussing getting a puppy when we move and have the fences up. John called around to a couple of breeders and we were told about one locally. We really wanted a boy - our "Frank" - he had a name before we even found

So last weekend we out to see the little boy and on the way there John told me that the breeder also had a little girl left. We had always planned on getting 2 puppies but we decided to get 2 males.

Well it was love at firt sight, the breeder got both the boy and girl out and we were we went for one dog and ended up with 2. They are so cute and so different to each other. When we first saw them they were 6 weeks old. Today we went back to give them a toy and have some cuddles and it is amazing how much they have grown in one week. They aren't allowed to come home with us until they are 8 weeks old, but next weekend we will have Frank and Georgie home with us.

So we have been making sure that the backyard is dog proof...buying food, bowls, beds, etc and can't wait for next weekend.

Here are some more pics of my cuties. :)

Frank is a cuddle monster and really laid back and mellow...but like his sister he loves to attack bottoms of pants and shoelaces!

Georgie I think we are going to have to watch a little more - she is a sneaky one, even sneaking up and charging to attack my shoes and taking the toy and hiding in the

but I think they are great together and should *i hope* not get into to much mischief!