Sunday, August 20, 2006

5 More Days

I can't believe that in 5 days Rani will be 1. It is lovely that some of the Nurses that aren't working on Friday are coming in to see Rani on her birthday. I think it is really special of them.

Well Buddah is now a HUGE!! 10.18kg can you believe it. We are over the 10kilo mark and at the rate she is gaining weight she will be 11kilo in about a week. They are looking at ways to cut back her weight gain, as she is not growing...just getting fat!

Well she is still in a pretty good mood, very sore in the stomach, grimacing everytime we have to change her nappy or move her. So not really many cuddles to give her as it just hurts her to much. I think she is getting very frustrated as her belly is so big and bloated and sore she can't move very much and can't get at toys in her cot and she gives out a frustrated yell so we can grab what she is trying to get.

Her latest thing she has learnt is shaking her head no. Everything is will be talking to a nurse and she shakes her head is very cute. Although I asked her if she loved mummy and she at least she didn't say

We are still on one on one Nursing during the day...'just in case' with the horible scary cart as I call holds everything that is needed if she has another bleed...and touch wood it won't be needed again.

Well we have been madly packing up the house as we move in a week...but I keep getting distracted as I am packing up my scrapping stuff, finding things I forgot I of course I have been scrapping..hey I need a break every now and

Well I better be off to bed as both Josh and Teagan are competing in a Basketball Comp tomorrow and have to be at school at 8.30am.

Night all.


Tassie Deb said...

Gorgeous lo's Mel - esp the one of Teagan and Rani :)

Goodluck with the house pack up, and you are all still in my prayers

TD xoxoxo

Chris Millar said...

Your layouts are delightful Mel! Hope you can be giving Rani cuddles again soon!

Rachael said...

OOOO love the latest LOs Mel - good luck for josh and teagan today .....
kisses for buddah baby - hehe funny that you mention the shaking head - scott has started that too.... good to see her reaching some milestones!!!!

Chrissy said...

Thinking of you having to move at the moment! I'm so glad you have such wonderful family to support you with all that and with Rani too sweetie!

Hugs to you and the kids, hope Teagan and Josh have a fun time at basketball!
Love Chrissy xx

Treezah said...

hope teagan and josh had fun in their comp today!! big hugs for Rani, the power gainer!! wish i could lose weight as fast as she gains it LOL...cant believe she's over 10 kg now!! amazing!! big countdown to the #1 birthday now on!!!