Sunday, July 09, 2006

Still Scrapping!!!!

Well I spent the afternoon with Rani until she fell asleep. We still haven't got the results of the X-ray...but they think the pain could be caused from the pressure on her spein as it is really enlarged plus her liver is also enlarged and as hard as a rock. When she is lying down you can see both organ sticking out from her belly.

She really is a trooper, always so happy...but we are concerned at how often she is throwing up...pretty much everything that goes down her throat comes back up and she is eager to take meds, a bottle and food we are not forcing anything into her. Her mouth is open and ready which makes it even more heartbreaking when it comes back up again. Her cold seems to have gotten worse but all the test show that it is not an infection cold and there is nothing that they can give her to get rid of we just have to listen to her bark.

Well before i went to the Hospital I scrapped and when I got home I did another page...I am addicted to BG of the 5 Lo's that I have done this weekend have been BG.


t is for trackles said...

Oh dear Mel, it never ends for poor Princess Rani. I hope her pain is better soon, and the transplant is on the way. And as for the rental thing, it's Murphy's Law isn't it? But maybe it will turn out better than you think. Thinking of you all xxx

t is for trackles said...

Oh, forgot to say how gorgeous the LOs are, especially Rani's little fat rolls -that one had me in happy tears! :)