Thursday, July 27, 2006


Lets see since my last post it has been one all mighty roller coaster road with our Princess.

FORGOT TO MENTION - Buddah is now a whopping 9.1kg...not all her weight and as you can see from this pic, her poor face looks likes it is going to explode. Plus here is Mum who is in every day and in this pic you can see all the different tubes pumping different meds into her.I have taught John well he took this pic :)

The good news is that she will be moved out of ICU hopefully would have been today but there are no beds.

I am guessing this will be short but sweet.

OK lets see Tuesday.

Rani is 11 months old today...I can't believe that in one month my little girl will be 1!

Rani was still pretty much slept all day. They became concerned with her platelet count as it is low and she is not clotting well at all. She was given another Albumin tranfusion. Also it was confirmed that she had a UTI which could explain the spikes in her temperature. She had another chest x-ray and heart scan. They were still concerned about her breathing and she still had the oxygen blowing on her.


Rani seems to be getting better. She was more alert and even enjoyed a bath. They are still very concerned about her breathing as she is panting and taking in to much Carbon Dioxide...they are going to watch her and if it doesn't improve the will have to put her on a ventilator. She is also given more antibiotics and a blood transfusion and platelet's transfusion.


Well no need for a ventilator still not 100% but much better than she was. Her spleen is getting huge and ot only pushing into her pelvis but now up her ribs making it even more difficult for her to breathe. But they have taken the oxygen away and seeing how she goes without it. As I said earlier that would have returned her to 5W but there are no beds available. She was given yet another albumin transfusion and a gammaglobulin transfusion to try and help her with her clotting and platelet count. Today we also got a confirmation that she does indeed have a chest infection but unfortunately the bug she has there isn't anything that can be given that magically makes it go away. One of the antibiotics is helping break the phlem off her chest and she is bringing a lot of it hopefully it will continue to clear and she will be finally rid of this dreaded long dragging bug.

So fingers crossed tomorrow she will be back upstairs.

Mum also got to meet a family that have been lovely to us with emails and speaking on the phone to John for hours. They had a little girl that went through the same dramas as Rani and has had her transplant and is healthy and running around. Mum thought it was great seeing them and seeing the outcome of a great transplant.


Chrissy said...

It helped us to talk to other families who had experienced transplants too! So glad, so releieved and so grateful she will be back in the wards soon hon!

Love and hugs every day to you and the munchkins!
Chrissy xx

jody :) said...

Oh hon, you & your poor little Princess are going through the ringer! I have everything crossed that she gets well soon, and also that the perfect liver turns up for her. xx

Lynne said...

Your Mum is an absolutely gorgeous woman with love just shining out of her. What a beautiful person she is, and such a great ally for Rani. Rose was also delighted to meet "Rani's nana" as she is talking about her now. She solemnly looked up at your Mum and said "Rani needs a transplant."


It's also wonderful to see the fat she has managed to store on her little bod. She'll need every gram of it for her recovery.

I can picture her running around one day in liver clinic with our Rose.

Go, you strong little Rani girl! You're doing so well with all your battles.

Best regards, and extra love to the fab Nana Gail(Gayle? sorry, don't know spelling!)

Peta..xx said...

Oh my gosh Mel, look at your beautiful little doll. She is so adorable, i just love her little chubby cheeks...
What a change she is since way back when? when we were all praying for her to gain weight..
She looks wonderful..

Fingers crossed that she soon will have that much anticipated transplant.. We have all been praying here for it to be asap!!!
There's not a day that goes by that im telling someone about beautiful little Rani and your strength Mel..

There has been lots of chats on the news over the last couple of days about transplants & the want/need for donors..
Fingers crossed one comes available soon...

take care, thinking of you always,
lots of love, Peta..xx

susan j said...

I'm so glad to hear that your little girl is getting out of ISC and things are on the improve. I pray that she gets her transplant soon and that she can be up and playing.

Tassie Deb said...

Fingers crossed for more good news Mel.

Hugs to all
TD xoxoxox

Michelle M said...

Mel, what a chubby bubby you have... I am so glad that she is putting on the required weight in order for her transplant... Great to hear that she is being transferred out of ICU... A small but positive sign..

thoughts and prayers with you all

Anonymous said...

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