Thursday, July 06, 2006

Do you believe in Bad Luck!!!!

To add to all the drama that is going in in our life at the moment, we got a letter from the Real Estate Agent we rent from stating that the owners want to move back in and we have 60 days to vacate the property. Really we only wanted one more year, as we were getting ourselves together to build again. But it is just the worst timing in the world. And knowing our run of luck lately we will arrange to move and on that day we will get the call that the perfect liver has come in for Rani. They know our situation but are getting in now as our lease expires around the same time. I really don't have the time to run around and look at what is for rent...we are hardly home as it is....

Then I finally after getting better get to see my baby girl to be told that they think she may have broken her leg. She would scream in pain everytime we changed her nappy and wouldn't sit up, throwing herself back into a lying position. They did an x-ray of the top half of her legs but can't see any fractures. So they are (today) going to get a specialist to look at them and perhaps do more x-rays of the rest of her leg. The only thing that scares me the most is that she already has extremely weak bones and when she has the transplant she is put on steriods which makes the bone density even many breaks will she end up with?

Well we found out that John is A+ - which he can use with Rani's blood of O+. We now have to wait and see if it is catergory 1 or 2 as only 2 can be used for the transplant. But then there are so many other tests that have to be done before we get to it looks like at least another 2 weeks or more of tests.. but 'IF" everything goes well it is elective surgury and could happen in around 3 weeks if the perfect liver doesn't come up first.

Well yesterday afternoon I picked up 2 very tired munchkins from camp. They both looked so exhausted, but just glowed when they told me everything they did. I told them they needed to go to bed early...they objected but within about 2 minutes I could hear


Sal :-) said...

Oh Mel, what a bugger!!! Hopefully it will all work out for you and if a liver happens to turn up on the day, I'm sure everyone around you will pitch in and get you moved while you're with Rani. If only I were in Melbourne I would be there in a flash.

Take care & glad the cold has gone so you could cuddle your little pincess :)

Chrissy said...

Not what you need right now is it?! The one thing I do know is your family will be there to help move you if it comes at "that" time!

So glad you can see Rani again I know how much you've missed her. Give her a gentle little cuddle from me ok and tell her Chrissy is praying really hard for her to be better before she has to blow out that little birthday candle of hers soon.

Keep strong sweetie!
Love Chrissy xx

Peta..xx said...

Oh Mel, you poor thing..
What a bugger & what terrible timing...
I also so wish i lived nearby so i could help out...

Im glad that you are feeling better and got to see your little princess..
Im so sorry about her poor sore leg and i hope it isn't broken..

That's good news about John being a 'bit' of a match, fingers crossed for the rest of the tests...

Take care & i wish the best for you and your family...xx

Peta..xx said...

Oohhh bugger, sorry..
I meant to say,
im glad that Josh & Tegan had a great time at there camp..