Friday, July 21, 2006

Getting Worse

Well things have gone even further downhill for our Princess.

I was put into a conference call meeting yesterday afternoon confirming that I was willing to be a live liver donor for Rani and that testing has to start ASAP as her liver is failing extremely fast. So hopefully by Monday all flu symptoms will be gone and I can start the work up...which I must say scares me a bit. But in the mean time we just hope that a liver comes in, as if I am the one that does donate I will be in a completely different Hospital to Rani and not able to see her.

She is still full of the flu and sleeping most of the day away. She just isn't herself looking dazed and not moving much at all.

Mum was quite excited today that during one of her brief awake times she actually kicked her legs while Mum read her a book...she didn't move yesterday.

Yesterday she had another Albumin transfusion the second in as many days and today she is having a blood transfusion.

She is bloating up with fluid again and her weight has jumped to a massive 8.6kg but her belly that usually sits at 51.5cm is up to 55cm puting even more pressure on her liver, spleen and stomach, lungs and heart.

She is not actually on oxygen but has a mask around her neck that is on, as she is so blocked with snot she pants while she is sleeping and at least this way she is taking in breathes of good oxygen.

She is throwing up constantly and there is always that fear that there will be blood in the vomit and then we are in big trouble as she will have to be put in ICU and placed on a ventalator.

The worst is hearing all this over the phone as I am still unable to go in and see her.

The Kidney Specialist came in today and doesn't seem to be as concerned about her function as everyone else but none the less wants an eye kept on the kidneys.

So we wait, hope and pray that a liver will come in soon and my baby can be out off this painful ride and on to a fun and exciting ride.


Sal :-) said...

Oh Mel, big hugs, all news you don't want to hear. Praying for positive news to head your way. You're in our thoughts and prayes always.

Michelle M said...

Oh Mel, that news is not good.... I am praying that the your princess will be a bundle of health and laughter real soon... I pray for strength for your family to keep trudging through this challenge, and defeating every battle you encounter...
You are always in our prayers and thoughts, and tonight I will light a candle for you, as I do every night!

connie said...

Oh Mel...i will be praying extra hard for Rani tonight..
My love to all your family...
Love Connie...xxxx

Robyn said...

Oh dear Mel I hope you get better for you but also you can go in and see Princess Rani. Sending big hugs and wishes for a happy, healthy Rani very soon.

Amanda M said...

Oh, prayers for Rani, that she can pull through until you're well enough to donate. Are you the only adult family member that's a match? I've heard of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, friends donating as well.

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

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