Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I scrapped

For the first day in ages I felt well enough to scrap and tomorrow am back to the Hospital to see my girl. It has almost been a week since I have seen her and it is killing me.

She is (as I am being told) doing really well. She is up to 7.7kg but still has the horrible runny nose.

John was having a blood test tonight to see what blood type he is to see if he is a match for person to person liver donation. I know for sure that Rani and I are the same blood type, but John thinks it is to risky an operation for me. This of course would only be a last resort if Rani absolutely needed a liver and there were none available.

So this is what I came up with today..not sure about it as it wasn't what I pictured but then again none of my pages turn out the wayI pictured them...lol...this is my little sister who is in the Hospital with Rani tonight.


~Kathryn~ said...

this is just gorgeous Mel

Sal :-) said...

Beautiful LO Mel. Hope you start to feel better soon and are able to go give that little girl of yours a cuddle. Well done on her weight gain, she really is a trouper.

Big Hugs,


Chrissy said...

Well I'm sure it's been said before but Bec is so like you (that is Bec I think??) and what a beautiful LO you've created. They are osmeof my fave pps and of course I'm chippie flourish obsessed! LOL

Hope you are doing better? I'm sure you are so looking forward to being well and seeing your sweetie soon!

God bless honey!
Love Chrissy xx