Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well yesterday was my 'all day' day in the Hospital and it was like payback for not being in for a couple of

Miss Rani was very happy in the morning when I got there, laughing and playing and then things went down hill.

She needed to get a culture taken from her nose to check on her cold. Basically they stick a small suction tube right up each nose and suction..they do it regularily to suction the gunk out of her nose so you can breathe. But when they did it this time straight away it started to bleed and lots. Everyone including me was concerned that they may have knocked a varice, one of the Nurses (not stayed with me for 40 minutes until her nose stopped bleeding. We took it as a good sign when she sneezed and we saw no bleed. Crisis overted.

THEN about an hour later I gave her her meds...the usually thing happened she threw up. But this time there was blood in the vomit. Logically I knew it was probably from her nose but as soon as I saw blood I burst into tears. The same lovely Nurse that had stayed with me again came in when she heard and gave me a big cuddle. We were all sure it was from the nose bleed and that she had just swallowed some of the blood. The Gastro team were called just in case and they thought the same thing and just to watch her.

Well the rest of the day went pretty uneventful. Managed to get Rani to drink 40ml in one go...she really isn't into drinking from the bottle. Plus saw that again one of the Mothers was back in with her daughter...then another was admitted and then I was told that another one from our old room was on the 7th the original room is all back in the Hospital!!!

THEN to cap my day when I changed Rani's backside I again saw blood in her nappy. Again the Gastro team were called, this time her specialist came down to see us. He was mildly concerned but because it was fresh blood he was sure it wasn't from a varice perhaps the poor thing is getting hemorrhoids. He still wanted her watched, so she was placed on hourly obs...but thankfully there has been no more bleeds.

So I was exhausted when my brother came in at 5.30 for his shift. Of course I was stuck in the middle of peak hour traffic so it take me an hour and half to get home. So when I got in I was so exhausted that I wasn't much entertainment for John's Mum who is staying with us until Friday, that I ate my pizza with them and went to bed. But she got to spend time with the other 2 kiddies when they finished school and is seeing Rani today...which should be exciting as she hasn't seen Rani since September last year.


Tania said...

Mel Sounds like you had a bad day :) hugs and thoughts your way mate .. and hugs for Rania too :)
take care

Marilyn said...

Mel, thinking of you and Rani as always...big hugs for YOU and little Rani. Take care of yourself.

Love & hugs

Peta..xx said...

Oh poor Rani..
Her poor nose.. Hopefully the couple of bleeds you saw were only from her nose, but what a frightening thing..

I hope things are much better today...
I bet John's mum would notice a big difference in seeing Rani today for the first time in 10mths??!!!

Hugs to you & your familly & gentle little onse for Rani too..
Thinking of you, take care..xx

Chrissy said...

Oh sweetie the biggest hugs to you and our little girl, I'm so very grateful that nurse was there to comfort you, it's alright to lean on people, especially at the moment!
I really admire the way you handle the hospital, I've spent way too much time there myself the past couple of months with my kids and also with Em today and it's not my favourite place. *sigh* I'm glad the nurses and docs are taking 100% good care of your bubba.

Hoping all went better for Rani today, god bless hon.
Love as always!
Chrissy xx

Rachael said...

how dreadful for you to have to go through all that and then sit in traffic. I am thinking of you constantly. Love ya

Tassie Deb said...

Hugs to you and Rani, Mel, and to Josh and Tegan too.

I wish there was something I could do for you all

TD xoxox

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, what a big, stressful day for you! Hope you are feeling better after sleeping it off. Good news about Rani's weight!