Monday, July 24, 2006


Rani is being moved to ICU.

Thankfully it is not for a bleed....but they are concerned about her breathing and think that it is safer for her to be in ICU rather than on the ward.

It may be for only 24 hours but her Specialist has clinic today so we are waiting to hear more from him this afternoon. ICU is better for Rani as the Nurses are able to do things straight away as there is always a Doctor in ICU whereas the Ward Nurses have to page a Doctor and wait for them to respond to be told what to do or get authority to do what they had sugested.

So I will update when I know more.


We do not know how long she will be staying in ICU but things seem to have settled a little. It may be temporary as she had a blood transfussion today. But her temp which was sitting at 38.6 has come down to 37.1...she doesn't seem to be labouring as much to breathe...but the Specialist from the Austin Hospital also looked at her today and said that if she gets much worse she won't be able to have any of my liver.

She is as explained to us 'sitting on a fine line' and she can go any way...good or bad. But her liver is failing more and more everyday so the only answer to getting her better is a new liver.

I have a meeting with the Transplant Co-ordinator tomorrow to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly about being a live donor and then next Monday I start all my tests.

So I have spoken to my sister in London forgot the time difference and spoke to her at 7am her time...I guess it could have been worse.

Had the lovely Chris pop in this morning with some flowers to cheer me up for a quick a couple more hours than she

and now my brother is visiting we will see what tomorrow brings.


Lynne said...

Thinking of you all every moment.

I hope that this transfer to ICU might mean that Rani's waiting list status becomes more urgent. I hope that somewhere, around the country, a generous grieving family is able to make a crucial decision quickly, for Rani's sake.

Warmest regards,


Paul said...

We're glad that she now has the close supervision that ICU offers. We're praying for you all and hope that a transplant happens soon.

Lots of love,

Paul, Kimberly, Alisa and Baby.

Chrissy said...

Have sent you an sms love but wanted to let you know here too that Michael, the kids and I are all thinking of you, praying that this will all be over soon and your darling girl can go home with her Mummy and Daddy.

Was worried while I was away at SWIG that I couldn't see how things were going for your precious bubba, I hope you get better soon too Mel so you can see Rani in hospital again. HUGS!!!!

Much love as always hon
Chrissy xx

susan j said...

Hi Mel, I have just found your blog through Chris Millars blog and was moved by your story. I have known the battle as to whether or not your child (or in my case children) will survive and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy either. My twins had a rare condition in-utero and were born 12.5 weeks early because one of them was getting very sick in-utero. The other twin had a brain bleed and now has Cerebral Palsy and we do the endless rounds of Dr's appointments, hospitals, physios, Ot's etc so I know the effect that this can have on the family. I really hope and pray that all goes well with your little girl. She is just so cute. Take care of yourself and if you ever want to chat then feel free to contact me.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, I'm glad they are looking after your princess closely in ICU. Thinking of you all the time! Sending love and kisses!!

Sal :-) said...

Mel I hope that this stay in ICU is just what Rani needs to get her through to that new liver. Praying that her being a healthy bubba is just around the corner. You are always in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Big cyber hugs.


Rachael said...

Hi Sweetie - just checking in. I am glad to hear that the temp is down again, ICU is a great place for our princess ATM. I wish I could pop in and visit - if only!!! Fingers, toes and everything else possible is crossed for you all. Lots of love from us xoxoxo

DenimAngel said...

Lots of prayers for Rani and your family from me. I'm so hoping things change for the better real soon and Rani gets her new liver.
Love Susan

Anonymous said...

Oh Mel, I think of you and little Rani constantly and hope that a tansplant happens soon.

Sending Love & Hugs

Jenelle said...

Oh Mel,

This is all too much for you. Too much.. but hopefully with Rani now in ICU, she'll be on the way to better health.

I hope that God is up there for you all, to make the right decisions here and now. God bless to you and your family.

Take care


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