Saturday, July 22, 2006

Still Worse

Well our Princess is now on one on one care. Which is basically one Nurse that is in charge of Rani and no one else...and we have been given only Senior Nurses.

She was put on one on one care on Friday when she decided to scare Mum. We have been told that we need to press the Emergency button if there is any blood in her vomit. Well one of the times that she threw up there was some dark old speckles of blood. Mum didn't push the Emergency button but the Nurses button (something we never do) and 2 Nurses came charging into the room. They assured Mum because it was black it was old blood that was probably sitting in her belly from her leak. They would be more concerned if it was red and fresh and that if that happened we definately have to press the Emergency button.

We were woken this morning with a call from her Nurse to say that she had an ooze bloody poop. They are all sure she has a slow leaking varice but they thought it best to let us know that it had happened. John was on in his way to the Hospital. There have been a few more bloody poops and she has been put on a medication to stop the bleeding. The same med she was given last time this happened.

She is also having a huge dosage of antibiotics today and John said that it seems to be working. She is not really awake as often but she did acknowledge him and kick her leg (something she hasn't done in days)...when she is awake she seems to be in a daze and not really awake and then she just falls back asleep again. Most of her Meds are now going through her Central Line or into her TPN to try and stop her vomiting plus she is not awake enough to swallow them.

Her oxygen levels did drop to the low 80's but they acted it on it straight away and she is back up to 100% again.

So sleeping is the best thing for her...hopefully her body is fighting her flu..although all tests keep coming back negative for an infection even though when they suction her nose it is green. I am hoping that this round of antibiotics works better than the last lot. It seemed great for a day and then all the symptons that she had returned.

She has heaps of leads coming out of her Central Line. They have taken her off the Lasix dosage while the antibiotics go through so she has bloated again, but should be back on her Lasix again tomorrow as the antibiotics are given over a 24 hour period.


Alisha said...

I still read you site every single day to see how Rani is going. I was so upset to see things have got worse for her and for you guys in general life. I wish there was something I could do even if it was just to put a smile on one of your faces or to make something in life seem a little better. My heart is always there for you, John,Teagan, Josh and Rani you have extreme strength ..something i wish i had sometimes. If you ever need anything we are only a phone call away we are always here for you if you need it.

All our love
Alisha, Trevor and Kids

Elly said...


This is the first time I've read your blog; I followed the link from liver families. I'll be thinking of you over the next couple of days and very much hope that a liver comes for Rani.

With thoughts and best wishes,

Mum to Arthur, 2, BA (, and Sylvan, 6 weeks.

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, Poor little Rani, so sorry to hear that things have gone down hill a little. Thankfully she is a fighter and has the best family support and love!!!!! Hope the next few days see some big improvement. Thinking of you all - always!