Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well they have decided to continue Rani's dosages of Antibiotics to every 12 hours for the next week as it seems to be having some small success.

John said for the first time in days she smiled at him and actually opened her eyes completely and sucked water from a face washer. Her mouth is so dry and sucking a face washer is one of her favourite things to do...she shakes with excitement when she see you wetting it at the tap and is very particular in turning it around and sucking it has also been playing with her taggie (made by the lovely Rachael) which she absolutely loves.

Her respitory and oxygen levels still aren't fantastic but they are higher levels than they were yesterday but she still has the oxygen blowing directly on her face. They can not put it directly up her nose or it may dry all the snot in her nose and she wouldn't be able to breathe, so she is still getting suctioned regulariy to try and relive some of the pressure.

Thankfully there have been no more bloody nappies, so the meds must be doing there job.

Unfortunately her Kidneys are getting worse. The Renal Specialist came in this morning and said that if this continue this way she will probably be on Dialysis by the end of the week. They are again giving her a big dosage of Lasix, one to get the excess fluid out and two to make her kidneys work. There is another option but to do this should would be put into ICU until she had the they are going to see wht happen with the Lasix as her belly is responding as it was down to 52cm this morning but her weight is up to 8.8kg.

She is still sleeping lots but at this time it is the best thing for her. Sleep herself better. So I guess we will have to wait and see what tomorrows bloods tell us.


Rachael said...

more big hugs sweetie - was driving me mad on the weekend not being able to check in with you. Catch you one morning this week. *mwah*

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

Reading of the pleasure Rani takes in her little comforting rituals (water from a facewasher, for instance) made my day. I know that she's battling, but these little stories shine out, and show her spark. Go Rani!

Bev said...

I agree with Lynne, Rani has a lot of spirit. Hugs to the little princess

Anonymous said...

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