Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a

Today ended Teagan's week of Student of the Week at Physie and she had to take the trophy back for the next person. I think it is a great idea that everyone eventually takes home the trophy for a week....You can guess what was Sho 'n Tell this

As Physie is closer to Mums, we drop Teagan off and go to Mum and Dads and as Rani was being fed I took Teagan back after dancing. As John was out for dinner, Mum made us dinner as well...I love it when I don't have to cook or clean for that While there Steven after drawing a face on his hand to entertain Rani, thought that Josh needed a moustache...Josh thought it was hilarious....

Then to top of a great night little Miss Rani decided that it would be a good idea to pull her tube out again...thankfully we are going to the hospital tomorrow for her blood tests, weigh in and check up, now we have to go through the hell of having the tube put back in again....grrr


Chrissy said...

You know what struck me Mel is just how much Teagan looks like YOU in this pic?! Your big munchkins look adorable.
We go to my folks for dinner each week because Alex's soccer training is on that side of town and literally a street away from them, it is so nice being looked after and not having to worry about dinner.
As for our Miss Rani, I'll be thinking all good thoughts for her and her mumma tomorrow when visiting the hospital again!
Hugs Mel!
Chrissy xx

Boo said...

Mel again I hope and pray you family has a wonderful Easter and I'm sending you lots of pink fluffy clouds your way.

lin said...

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