Saturday, April 29, 2006


John just rang from the Hospital to say that Rani has been moved to another room...grrrr

I really liked the mums that were in her room, but unfortunately the new girl that came in last night has a gastro bug and Rani can't risk catching anything so she was moved into a 2 bed room

Oh well I guess I will be off a traveling to room to room..being a social

Well I am now home alone night when I got home the house was empty, as John had taken the kids out and Mum and Dad have just picked Josh and teagan up. So I think before I head into Hospital to see John and Rani, I will finish the page I started last night :)

I took this pic yesterday...Now that Rani is becoming a bit more active she is trying to get out of the cot, she flips a leg over the rail if I don't put it high

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