Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well things just don't seem to be getting better, we were told today that we will be in Hospital for at least another week.

Rani is now being fed constantly via pump at 38ml per hour to see if she can keep the milk in. One good thing is that she actually felt hungry for food and ate half a cup of stewed apples, so I was happy to see her eating.

plus I felt was feeling a bit redundant as there is nothing to do, she is constantly connected to the NG tube, so no bottles to feed, just plenty of cuddle time.

Hopefully today we will have some more test results and it will be a full 24 hours on the continuous feeds so the Docs will be able to see if this is working. :)

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments they truly are appreciated. :)


Anonymous said...

Guys- will be saying a prayer for Rani.To Mel & the big fella, even thou it must be bloody hard at the moment what you are all going through now will only strengthen your family. A wise man once told me that persistance overcomes resistance - the quacks will crack it !

Anonymous said...

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