Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lucky to be alive!!!!

Well Joshua and Teagan are lucky to be alive today. I was sorting pages into different albums, so I had some pages on the coffee table.

Well I became distracted with Rani throwing up yet again and so didn't get back to the albums.

the kiddies had been watching Foxtel in the lounge room most of the night and after sending them to bed I was about to turn the lounge room light off when I notice a cup on its side on the coffee table way to close to my LO's.

On closer inspection I saw that the cup had had water on it and it was on my LO's.

I yelled to the kids upstairs to get downstairs and explain who and why the drink had been spilt.

So after some tears thankfully the pages aren't looking to bad, I am glad I found them last night (obviously) just after it had happened and not in the morning as they would have been stuck together.

So the kiddies are being very loving today and staying away from the lounge, me and my scrapping supplies when they have a drink...

BTW i didn't find out who did it as they both blamed each

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Chrissy said...

Oh dear!!! :-( I've spilt Diet Coke (what else would I be drinking?? LOL) all over a LO once, not pretty!!

Chrissy xx