Friday, April 14, 2006


Well we are still home, no phone call from the Hospital today, we kind of didn't expect that we would get the call as it is the Good Friday Appeal today, although it would have been good for Josh and Teagan if a bed had have come available, as there was plenty going on.

So of course we made a donation We rang up at 3.30pm and said that if they read it out we would double it.

Well I have sat in front of the TV for hours to scared to leave in case they said our names and finally at 10.10pm Paul Mercurio read out our pledge.

Well it was from John and I and my Mum and Dad and suprisingly he also said it was for Rani that has been in and out of the Hospital since she was 1 month old and is awaiting a liver transplant and that we also wanted to thanks the Gastro Dept on the 9th floor. So obviously the lady that took Johns call wrote down everything we asked.

So we are one happy family at the moment as we really didn't think that it would be read out.

So now all I am hoping is that the phone call from Admissions doesn't come until Monday, so I can have my whole family home for Easter.


Bev said...

fingers crossed for Monday Mel, I hope Rani gets to be with her family over Easter

Chrissy said...

I was so pleased she was home with you today Mel and have my fingers crossed that she can stay with you over the Easter Weekend too.

Chrissy xx

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel, I've just read through the whole story of the beautiful Rani. What an ordeal you guys have all been through and still have to go through. I'm glad that you are all together so far for Easter and that your donation was read out at the appeal!
If there's anything I can ever do, just yell out!

Angelrat said...

Hello famous lady!

I hope that you and your family have a lovely Easter - TOGETHER! - and that Rani plumps up a bit over the easter break so that next time she's in hospital they can give you some happy news!


connie said...

Hay Mel
how exciting to have ur names read out on tv..i would b feeling pretty famous too..
Hoping that Rani spend her first easter with u guys tomorrow...will be thinking of u..
take care

Anonymous said...

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