Sunday, April 30, 2006


I think I cursed myself today, I said that fingers crossed we would be able to go home mid week and what does Rani do - throws up all over me - this is not a good sign, so I doubt we will be home mid week.

Mum and Dad and my brother Steven came in to visit today and they were all amazed at just how much more energy she has and how happy she is. This is the frustrating part as she seems fine but we are still stuck in the Hospital.

Her weight has come up a little bit yesterday - well 1 gram and it was still the same tonight - but her belly did go down by .5cm.

So I guess until her Doc comes and sees us tomorrow we still have no idea what is happening.

The only thing that does scare me is that we could be staying longer as he is concerned about something but is not letting us know until he is 110%, this wouldn't be the first time he has sprung things like this on us. :(


Chrissy said...

It was nice to see Rani had put on a little weight Mel. Let us know what the doc thinks when he sees you tomorrow if you get the chance. I'll be praying that she continues with the weight gain.

Hugs sweetie!
Chrissy xx

Alisha said...

Hi Mel,
I am watching your page all the time for news on Rani that John forgets to tell us :-p
I hope it all works out and I will keeps all my fingers and toes crossed for her and you.

Chris Millar said...

Good news about the weight gain Mel and glad you guys are back into the other room!

Susan C said...

Isn't always nice to see positive observations from others. We sometimes don't see those tiny improvements ourselves. They are good things to hold on to.

Stay strong!

connie said...

Great news on the weight gain sorry to here u are leaving us for now..but i know it for the best and Rani needs you more...hoping to still catch up with u one day...and i will be checking ur blog all the time for updates...take care
love connie..xxxx
lots of hugs for u all!!!!

Anonymous said...

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