Saturday, April 15, 2006

It looks like a Family Easter

My Dad and Rani.....

Well it looks like Rani will be home with us for her first Easter as we still have not had a call from Admissions...saying that it doesn't mean we haven't been to the

Little Miss Rani pulled her tube out again. well not really...she doesn't actaully grab at the tube unfortunately part of her illness is really really itchy skin, so at night when she is rugged up the only skin to scratch is her face. So while she is scratching her skin until it bleeds, she is rubbing on the tube and eventually it comes out. Well anyway John went of to Emergency this morning, the scary thing is being well known we get ushered straight 20 minutes later he was back on his way home, tube put back.

Well I have managed to scrap a page while john and Rani are having an afternoon nap, she has been keeping us up as she throws up her last feed at night and it really stresses her out, so takes hours to settle her back down...that precious sleep


Chrissy said...

Poor bubba! I'm glad she is home with you though Mel, I know how much you wanted that!

What a sweet LO of yur dad with Rani too, gotta love those old BGs, they are so soft and beautiful.

Chrissy xx

Tania said...

Im so pleased that rani is home with you for easter Mel. Have a great day!
Love that LO

Anonymous said...

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