Friday, April 21, 2006


OK I am back from the Hospital and thought I would do a quick update before I crawl into bed.


Rani was placed on a Albumin transfussion and seemed to take it well. She had a really unbroken sleep on Wednesday night so was fairly tired most of the day.

The good news was that her belly has gone down 2 cm and she has gained a small amount of weight.

Unfortunately she is still throwing up part of one bottle, but instead of her normal 4 bottles per day she had 5, so that is a good sign...other than that not a lot of


Today was fairly uneventfully. we were informed that perhaps she would be discharged at the end of this week.

Today was a day for visitors we had, my 2 best friends Sally and Sandra, my Mum and Dad and my sister Rebecca.

Again after the 4th bottle she was throwing up, this time I was going to get a nurse as she was really struggling to breathe, but she eventually overcame is so scary and heartbreaking as you can't do anything to help her.

Again another uneventful day..her belly is still the same size, but she has gained some more is so unusual as they weigh every nappy to see what is going out as to what is going in and we are back to taking samples of her we have a lovely collection

OK short but sweet I am off to bed.

Thank you everyone for your kind comments on here and your emails :)

Pic of my sister and Princess can see her bloated belly and the main reason for this Hospital stay!


t is for trackles said...

Thinking of you all heaps Mel and sending lots of love your way. Poor Princess Rani, look at that belly and jaundice! I just want to cuddle her! (((( ))))
Tracey C

Bev said...

glad to hear her tummy has gone down a little bit Mel, fingers crossed for even better news....I thought that was you holding Rani, you and your sister look alike!!

Anonymous said...


You dont know me but I want you to know my prayers are with you and your family. God Bless. I have heard of your struggles from the scrapneeds website.


lisa :) said...

Hey sweetie!
I just want to lift our girl right out of that photo and give her a huge big cuddle :) Poor little munchkin looks so fed up with it all :( Take care of you and our giri.
Love Lis' xx

Kirsten De Forest said...

Hey chick! Just letting you now that as usual, my thoughts are with you. Higs and kisses to your Princess.

Kirst xx

Chrissy said...

Oh Mel, feeling all teary looking at your poor little sweetheart like that. I'm so very glad she's put on some weight, that is such a positive. Let us know if there are any changes.

Cuddles for you both!
Chrissy xx

connie said...

So happy to her her belly has gone down a bit and is putting on some weight...Thanks so much for keeping us updated on Beautiful Princess Rani...big big hugs to you all...Keep strong and safe..

love Connie..xx...xxxxxxxx
a few extra kisses for Rani...