Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Well not a lot happened, being a Public Holiday no Doctors were in.

Teagan had a ball playing with Hannah and even Josh enjoyed himself as we had the computer, Xbox, DVD thing (technical term) from the Starlight Room, so he was able to play games.

Mum and Dad also came in for a visit and I thought we were going to have a good day, but out of the blue Rani started throwing up at 7.30pm and then when they measured her belly it had gone up to 51cm again but in the morning it was this has the Docs stumped.

Hopefully we will get some test results today and find out what the next move is, although they have increased her phosphate medication from 3 times a day to 4 as of yesterday, so will have to quiz the Docs today as to WHY????

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lisa :) said...

Oh Mel! your new song has given me goosebumps!!! How true are those words.
It's good to see that the Josh and Teagan are finding things to do & people to visit at the hospital... take care :)