Friday, April 28, 2006


Well it looks like I firstly spoke to soon and secondly we won't be home anytime soon!!

Since being in the Hospital Rani has picked up one new medication and had her Phosphate increased.

Well today we picked up yet another medication and her Phosphate was increased to 6 times a day. They are also changing her Vitamin D to a stronger formula as she isn't absorbing this properly.

She also went down in weight again, tonight she had gained some of it back, but her belly had also increased another .5cm.

But at least she ate some more food today and seems to be tolerating being continously pump fed, so on Monday they are going to start adding Polyjoule (to try and fatten her up) to her formula, so we will see how that goes.

Hannah (Teagan's little Hospital friend) went home today (lucky girl!!!) and it was the little girl next to us 2nd Birthday today and the poor thing was to sick to even have some of her birthday cake. Unfortunately she is having the camera down her throat tomorrow, not fabulous news on your birthday.

Didn't I have a smile on my face tonight, after leaving the Hospital, yet again another idiot was speeding and weaving through the traffic on the freeway and every time I see this I just wish that there was a Police car, well tonight it happened, the idiot that was driving like an absolute fool got caught by the Police, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face when I saw him on the side of the road in front of the Police car with its flashing lights :)

Well back to the Hospital tomorrow, Mum and Dad are taking Josh and Teagan to my Cousin's Daughters 1st Birthday / Naming Day and then they are staying the night and bringing them to the Hospital on Sunday.

So I have to do a mad rush to the shops tomorrow and find a present while John is in the Hospital in the morning :)


Bev said...

with a bit of luck the polyjoule will do its stuff!!! I hear you about the speed freak..cant stand idiots on the road. Hope the kids have a great time at the party and you are able to find a pressie quickly...nothing like a bit of speed shopping lol..Stay strong Mel, you are in my thoughts every day, I just know sometime soon, there will be some happy news for you

Susan C said...

Love the story about the speed freak, isn't it nice when *some* people get their just desserts.

Hope the new 'meds' help Rani.