Thursday, April 20, 2006

We're Back

Well it was meant to be another trip to the Hospital for Rani's weekly weigh in, bloods and check up, but now she is staying in Hospital.

Her Specialist is back from 3 months overseas and admitted her straight away.

Unfortunately her original operations (Kasai) has now completely failed and her liver is failing quicker than they thought it would. The catch 22 situation is that she is getting sicker and sicker but she needs to get healthier in order to have a liver transplant, because if they attempt one now she will not make it.

So they are trying to get rid of the fluid build up in her belly, get rid of her cold and gastro while fattening her

So atm we have no idea how long she will be in Hospital for it may be a couple of weeks.

Will try to keep everyone up to date.

Thank you everyone for your lovely emails, SMS's and phone calls, as I said in my vent, I love having cyber friends that care so much


Bev said...

Mel , as always I am thinking of you and have everyting crossed for you. Rani is such a little fighter to have come this far, so hopefully now your specialist is back things can start moving quickly to get this sweet little girl on the road to recovery. You and John must be such a strong people yourselves to hold everything together like you do, I really admire your strenght. I will be watching this space for some good news.

Chris Millar said...

Glad to hear that Rani's specialist is back and I'm sure things will be on the road to a speedy recovery and brighter days ahead! HUGS!

DenimAngel said...

I hope now Rani's specialist is back you can soon have Rani well prepared for the op that will give her the chance to live a more normal life.
Thinking of you often too, Chrissy has your little girl under her wing and has often spoken of her fighting spirit. I was in hospital after having Ashton when I heard your little princess was so very sick and rarely is there a moment when I don't look at Ashton and have a thought for you and little Rani.

Susan C said...

Oh Mel, you know that there are a lot of people praying and thinking about your special family. Myself included.

Rani is so obviously a fighter - it comes across in everything you say about her. She will be well. Stay strong.

Debbie Y said...

I can only try to imagine what pain your whole family must be experiencing .. I do hope that the specialist has Princess Rani feeling better very soon. Thinking of you all, Deb.

Amanda M said...'s such a rough in-between place to be in...too sick to be listed for transplant. Ai yai yai. Wishing Rani a quick recovery from her cold, that the lasix works to reduce ascites, that she gains the weight needed, and that she is able to be listed for a life-saving transplant. I'll be looking for updates here and on liver families,
Many hugs,
Amanda, Aunt to Katie, age 7, BA, kasai

Chrissy said...

Sweetie you already know I'm thinking such good healing thoughts for your little bubba. Hope you are taking care of YOU too.

Ring me if you need anything. Even just a shoulder. :-)

Chrissy xx