Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Had a Great Day!

After the stress of yesterday and a bit of an emotional night, I have had a great day today.

Firstly (touch wood) Rani has kept her tube in :)

Well I had a lovely morning tea with a friend, who is due to have her baby in October, so a little friend for Rani...lol

Then my sisters present for Teagan's birthday arrived from London.

A beautiful Harrods bear, which takes pride of place on the top shelf of her furniture.

and a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kirst!

I think that my day is going that well that I might even scrap.


Kelley said...

Hi Mel,
Found your blog through scrap needs link!! I hope your daughter puts on them much needed kgs so she can have the transplant - my heart goes out to you watching your daughter go through all this - I hope she gets well real soon!

Chrissy said...

Mel I just went to the Doll and Bear Fair here with my sis and saw some of the most gorgeous Harrods Bears, your big girl is very lucky indeed. I'm so glad your littlest lady kept that tube in too, I'm sure she can hear her aussie aunty Chrissy up here in Qld telling her gently to keep it in!! ;-)
Chrissy xx