Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well can you believe that after so long of dreaming and hoping to get to the ever elusive 6kg mark Rani is now 7.42kg. She is so chubby faced it is so funny to look at her, she is almost like a new child as she looks so different to the skinny little thing we had.

Her arms are doing really well....they took the slings off Sunday and suggested that they would heal themselves. Monday afternoon Rani started to use her right arm and now she is almost using it like nothing ever amazes me how quickly she gets over things.

Also by Monday she finished her last lot of antibiotics and it was like seeing a new child, she was happy, her eyes were clear and she was kicking about again.

I had the day off from the Hospital on Tuesday and took Josh and Teagan shopping to get the last of the things they need for camp, as they leave on Monday. Teagan is excited as this is her first camp...Josh of course is acting like the expert as he went last year...although I don't think that they are that excited that they have to go

On Tuesday Rani's specialist came in and told Mum that she is now ready for the liver. The thought actually made me feel sick. It has always been in the back of my mind but now it is so close it is heart beats so fast when the phone rings.

i had a tour of ICU yesterday and saw all the scary machines that will be connected to Rani will be connected to after the transplant.

Well the kiddies are going to the Circus with their Aunty Becca today so they are very excited.

They have been spoilt with Rani in Hospital. Nana took them last week to see Cars and yesterday to see Over the Hedge and today the Circus. But they have been very good about sometime having to spend some time at the Hospital so it hasn't been to bad.

I also got to speak to my sister in London last night...

Hope your move went well Kirst :)


Robyn said...

Oh wow this is wonderful to hear things are looking up even if it is scary as well. Rani and chubby..wonderful words together!

Melanie Harris said...

That is great news Mel, I know its scary but also positive for Rani.

Scrapadel (Melanie) from memories and More

Michelle M said...

Wow Mel, Rani is certainly putting on weight in leaps and bounds... I am so glad that she is healthy enough now to recieve her new liver... Albeit as scary as all get out!!!
You are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday...
I hope that Josh and Teagan have a great time at camp.. I am sure they will love it!!!

Chris Millar said...

Hi Mel! Love hearing about chubby Rani! It's great that they took you through ICU, even if it's scary at least you'll know sort of what's going on when it's all happening! Fingers crossed for that to all happen soon!

Chrissy said...

Hiya love, glad our little girl is doing ok today! I know it's all so scary, at least the docs are preparing you, so much better to *know* what is going to happen. If you need to chat or anything just call me, anytime. :-)

Your kids are going to have fun on camp, Alex is off soon too, he is sooo excited, his first camp!

Take care sweetie!
Love as always Chrissy xx