Friday, June 23, 2006

From Bad to Worse

Well the X-rays have been looked over and not only does she have a fracture in her right arm she also has one in her left arm. They are trying to keep her sedated on Codine to stop her moving around and have her poor little arms slinged to her she is also starting her antibiotics today to try and get rid of her cold...

AND to top it off last night her Oxygen levels went down to the 80's so she was put on Oxygen last night and again connected up to the machine today to keep an eye on her levels and her heart is beating fast even though she is just lying in everything is just being watched.

It is days like this that I wish she had a new liver or that the call would come in that the perfect liver is waiting for her as it is so heartbreaking watching her go through all these makes it hard to even imagine that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Well the news didn't get any better when I got to the Hospital. Rani had a tempreture - she was up to 38.6 degrees. It had come down to 38.1 when I left. We also got confirmation that she has an infection in her eye, so she has to have drops every 2 hours and confirmation that she also has another infection that was giving her the runs. So she had 3 doses of antibitics, then another transfussion of Albumin and then back on antibiotics for 48 hours.

The poor girl is just so tired and i would say very uncomfortable as she has her right arm tied to her chest and as she kept slipping her left arm out of the sling it has been put elbow first into the sleeve of her shirt but you see her little fingers going like crazy. It is funny sitting there looking at my baby one of the silly things that came into my head and later as I found out others was that she was trying to do a Dolly Parton Impression, you know when you use you elbows like was good to just laugh.

We saw rani's specialist today and he explained what was happening. He wants Rani to see a bone specialist next week as after she has the transplant the steriods she will be given also reduce bone density and with her bones as fragile as they are now we are probably in for more breaks. So perhaps the bone people can think of something to help strengthen her bones.

Rani doing her Dolly Parton and I also took pictures of the widely exciting view from our room that I get to look at everyday. At least when we were in the 4 bed room we looked at a park and could see the Helicopter come in. You lose the view when you get your own room :( The first one is looking straight out the window the second one is if you push your head against the window and look to the


Anonymous said...

Mel, you have tremendous strength, I admire you and the whole family for what you are coping with at the moment. I wish we could click our fingers and make it all better. I am mad at the world to think that a beautiful little girl such as Rani has to go through something so dreadful. I send you all my constant good wishes and hope you take some sollace in knowing that you have so many behind you supporting you every step of the way.
Much love
Rachael and family xoxo

Tania said...

Mel, i find myself in tears yet again reading your blog, my heart goes out to you rani and the family .. you are all so brave and strong. thinking of you constantly ..
Take care

Chris Millar said...

Well, well, well, what is that little Miss Princess Rani up to now!!? I don't read her mummies blog for 2 days and I come back and she's fractured her arms. What a little toughie she must be to have not really complained about them too much! Just a small hiccup Mel and then I'm sure that call will come soon! HuGS!

Lynne said...

Hey Mel, I see that you visited my blog and left a comment. What a surprise!

I stupidly thought that I could just reply to your comment by email. So I wrote a longish email to you, but it bounced back to me.

If you want to contact us, feel free, by phone, or email. (Quite a lot of the ward nurses have our email address, especially if they were there in 2003 or 2004. And John has had our home number in the past.)

Thinking of that fragile but strong Rani all the time. She's very special and beautiful.

Warm regards,


Chrissy said...

Oh no our poor little bubba girl! Two fractured arms!! Give her a very gentle little cuddle from me ok? Do they know how it happened or is she just super fragile right now and more at risk?

She's so lucky to have such a loving and observant mumma who looks after her so beautifully! Chin up Mel sweetie! I'm sure she'll get through this one with her same fighting spirit!!
Love and cuddles!
Chrissy xx

Michelle M said...

LOL to the view Mel, it looks exactly like the one out of K's window over here in Perth... Maybe its they build all childrens hospitals the same...
((((huggles))))) to your little princess with the broken arms, I hope they heal quickly.

DenimAngel said...

Oh you had me in tears too. Poor Princess Rani fracturing her arms like that. Good on you for picking it up so fast, she is one very brave little girl.

Robyn said...

I think you are amazing and Rani is so lucky to have you as her mum. I know you are lucky to have a gorgoeus girl like rani as well but to see the funny side shows such tremndous strength and I know it would take an enormous effort. I too hope that a liver becomes available very soon..we'll have to get those get well vibes and prayers going stronger!

Anonymous said...

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